Sandbox VR x CoHive Launched the First Full Body Virtual Reality Experience in Indonesia

Written by CoHive Corporate Communication Team

Published on 6 March 2019

Virtual Reality (VR) experience with full body immersion is now available in Indonesia. CoHive (previously known as EVHive), the largest coworking space company in Indonesia collaborates with Sandbox VR, the VR games creator based in Hong Kong, bring this experience in two locations in Jakarta. The first experience center is at Gallery Street 2nd Floor Pondok Indah Mal 2, South Jakarta, while the second center is at Lotte Shopping Avenue No. 2F-26, 2nd floor, Karet Kuningan, South Jakarta. Both locations were launched in February and March 2019.

Sandbox VR X CoHive presents a real-life digital gaming experience. Unlike VR that already exists in Indonesia, Sandbox VR X CoHive uses real-time motion capture technology that can actually capture the movements of the players. In addition to that, there are a number of equipment that must be worn by the player so they can feel the sensation of the whole body and not just from visual stimuli, such as the Motion Tracker (sensors on hands and feet) and Heptic Vest (vest with 42 sensors on the body).

Fitra, one of the visitor said that he felt a sensation in his body when the enemy approached. 'I have tried another VR experience before. However, this one is different. We use the vest, so we can feel the tingle in our body,” explained Fitra. Meanwhile, Maria who also played on the launching day of PIM center said that she was shocked after learning that playing Sandbox VR X CoHive could be really tiring, just like working out. 'I tried the zombie game (Deadwood Mansion). I felt so tired! What makes it really fun was that when we focused at one point, all of a sudden there were other enemies coming from another point. Very real, really exciting!' said Maria enthusiastically.

Game to Increase Collaboration

Sandbox VR X CoHive is not only a place to let go of boredom. This game actually has many other benefits, which are the reasons for the collaboration between CoHive and Sandbox VR. CoHive Head of Corporate Communication, Kartika Octaviana explained that the benefits of this VR experience were in line with the collaborative spirit that CoHive brought. 'In all of the experience, players must work together to fight enemies. Therefore, this game can be a team bonding exercise. We hope that we can also have this experience center in various CoHive locations,' explained Kartika.

As of early 2019, CoHive has more than 28 coworking space locations spread in 4 cities in Indonesia, which include Jakarta, Medan, Yogyakarta, and Bali. CoHive has around 8,000 members from 800 companies, most of which are startups and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

Three Experiences that Trigger Adrenaline

Sandbox VR X CoHive launched its experience centers in early 2019 with three types of game. First, Amber Sky presents a challenge to defend the earth from an alien invasion. Players will experience the atmosphere of Hong Kong in 2088. They have a mission to send mysterious packages through the last elevator from earth to the outer space. Second, Deadwood Mansion presents a challenge against zombies that arise due to crazy experiments from a doctor. Third, the Curse of Davy Jones presents a treasure hunt experience. The players must fight the forces of ghosts and skulls of Davy Jones to get his treasures. Sandbox VR plans to produce more experience and launch its newest product in mid-2019.

Players can experience the Sandbox VR X CoHive by paying an entrance ticket per person at IDR180,000 on weekdays and IDR220,000 on weekends. The total experience to complete a mission is 30 minutes. Players will have some devices installed and receive some guidance before the game. For more information, please visit