We gave it our all. It was a good fight.

It is worth it. Taking rest now.

Sorry and thank you.

hello Hivers..

After seven years serving our clients, we are sorry to announce that we have reached the end of the road for our business. COHIVE was started with a dream of empowering entrepreneurs, building communities, and helping landlords navigate the changing needs of office workers.

We believe that productivity has changed for the better, and the working environment has never been better. We also believe that coworking has solved some of the problems that come with the rise of the connected and digitized works. Yes, especially the loneliness and the meaninglessness we all experience.

Unfortunately, the pro-longed pandemic, the office supply situation, and the challenging fundraising environment have cut short our stay. As we have fought for the survival of the company for the last two years, despite our best effort to find solution to our predicament, we are unable to stay longer.

Our business has ceased, but some of our locations has been returned to the Landlord, especially COHIVE 101, our last stand. They will still operate as independent locations. If you need office space around Kuningan area, feel free to drop by the 101! It is a nice area, and a lot of new stores are opening across the street (ONE Satrio).

We are grateful for the support of the team, our investors, landlords, and people who have supported us during the hardest part of our journey.

The clock is ticking. It's time for us to check out. For the last part, we are leaving one small gift; a little legacy and contribution toward the nation's productivity. Read below for the gift. 

Ciao. Keep working. Keep building. Keep worshipping. See ya in the next journey.

Work Behavior Report

We want to release a survey report that we did during the pandemic. We did not have the chance to release as our time is cut short. We hope that this can be our gift to the tech and workers' community. We have a lot of hope for the Indonesia's productivity landscape; it is a pity we can't be around to see it happen.

However, this research will be useful for the HR decision makers and company leaders to understand how the productivity has been changed by the pandemic. We will not get back to pre-pandemic working behavior anymore. And we got to accept this reality.

Click here for Report

Indonesian Post Pandemic Work Behavior


The seed of COHIVE sprung out in end of 2015. Riding the wave of Indonesian tech growth, COHIVE began not in the office district, but in the humble second level of a restaurant.

The idea is simple. Many entrepreneurs required a place to gather for work, events, and of course, networking. And unused places were plenty. All enjoyed the buzz and gathering of the place.

The business model is straightforward. Over times, COHIVE realized that the office building owners needed help in operating flexible spaces. Small pax and less than two-year demand were challenging, and working habit started to shift. COHIVE was at the front seat of it.

In 2017-2019 began the rapid expansion. Along with the rise of digital startups in Indonesia, COHIVE become host and home to many of these companies. The multiple cities locations ensure that the opportunities are distributed beyond the capital city.

The period of 2020-2022 was a period of survival. Burdened by the past baggage, faced with the headwind and the rapid change of work caused by the pandemic, COHIVE had done its best to hang on. Looking back, there was no single reason why its time was cut short.

Leaders are forged in fire. COHIVE's has forged some of the best leaders during this period of crisis. These are people who could have quitted, could have left, but choose to stay and fight until the last moment. It was a good fight. They will start a new on higher level. This might be COHIVE's biggest legacy. The team, the friendship, the story of sacrifice, and the battle experience that will stay long after we are gone.

In life and business, there are things under our control, and there are things not under our control. COHIVE has done its best in the area it controlled.

We lived for seven years. Our time was cut short, but the world moves on. The tech ecosystem will continue to be better; the productivity and collaboration culture will stay. For a better city. For a better Indonesia. 

We will cheer from the sidelines. We gonna take a rest.