Flex Studio Services

Discover quick and easy fix for your creative needs. From hosting podcasts, webinars, to product photo and video shoots, we have you covered. Special offers available.


Podcast hosting service

Set up your personal podcast corner with our affordable facilities and prestigious meeting room. Facilities include wireless mics, mixer, Zoom H4n Handy recorder, and more. Prices starting from IDR 250,000 with more special offers.


Livestream hosting service

Move freely and stream with quality. Enjoy spacious event spaces with live streaming facilities such as monitor, wireless mics, stable and speedy internet connection. Prices starting from IDR 1,000,000 Special offers available now.

Photo and video shoot

Photo and video shoot services

Explore maximum creativity with our photo or video shoot studios in our flexible spaces. Our solution comes with lighting system, camera,light reflector, and more. Prices starting from IDR 500,000 with more limited special offers.

Meeting Room

Explore new ideas and find solutions with our professionally designed meeting rooms. Indulge in effective discussions within our enabling space.

Choose from more than 31+ locations across 5 cities

Shared amenities include high-speed internet

Choose your Meeting Room


Standard Meeting Room

Starting price IDR 250,000 / hour

(for < 8 pax)

A room for an intimate discussions, where ideas pour and develop, through seconds of critical decision making. Our standard meeting room is perfect for a crowd of 4-10 people.


Board Meeting Room

Starting price IDR 250,000 / hour

(for < 8 pax)

This spatial private room can fit up to 20 people at once with more room to spare for effective dialogue. Our boardrooms are located at the city's bustling business districts.

*Price applies to all locations *Max. 2 extra chairs for Large Room. *All prices exclude VAT

Event space

Our event spaces can be found in the city's most central locations. Depending on the location, we feature both indoor and outdoor spaces to create the most

Choose from more than 10+ locations across 4 cities in Indonesia

Indoor & Outdoor spaces

Equipped with Audio Visual system, projector

Our event space location


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