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Enterprise Solutions

Make the most out of every challenge with our Enterprise Solutions. Always ready space solution with on demand and flexible arrangements ready to accompany you through uncertain business climates. Easily downsize or upsize according to your needs with our available private offices and big private offices across Jakarta, Tangerang, Medan, and Surabaya.

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Working from home fatigue finally getting to you?

Relief WFH Fatigue

WFH fatigue is real. With a safe and supportive working environment, you can provide comfort for your team.

Physical workspace is here to stay

The need for a physical office is still indispensable, no matter how much the pandemic shifted our work life.

The answer to future of work

Our expert space solutions are always ready for uncertain times and quick changes.

Customize spaces according to your identity

For every enterprise that sparks different colors, our solution is always available for diverse change.

Delivering thoughtful solutions to your changing needs

CoHive aspires to continue to be Indonesia's largest workspace provider with you in mind. We rely on continuous research to find tailor-made solutions and address dynamic problems proposed by the work industry.

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Office on Demand

Purchase passes in bulk, give your team the freedom to work from anywhere. Experience a healthy mixture of social necessities and safety requirements by working from +27 CoHive locations.

  • Work near home
  • Satellite workspace with full amenities
  • Supportive work environment

Pay As You Go

Combine conventional working needs with modern coworking approach to provide a workspace for uncertain times. Easily scale according to your needs with our move-in ready Private Offices.

  • Move-in ready Private Offices
  • Monthly pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Downtown and suburb offices available

Custom Built Office

Hassle free, one stop solution to your growing office need. Our team caters to your constant growth and expansion with our flexible custom built solution.

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Our clients

We have served flexible offices to a range of client profile, from growing to established enterprises