Why join Managed Services Partnership

Our expertise in workspace design and built, management and marketing enables us to deliver higher occupancy rates, efficient capex fitouts and increase overall market value of your property.







Partnering with CoHive

Companies looking for commercial real estate are now focusing more on employee experience to attract young talent and increasing productivity. This industry trend is the culmination of emerging ideals in the world of flex office: executives don’t need headquarters, they need a productive workforce!
Property owners who typically don’t have expertise in hospitality services can now shift from “rent collector” to “service provider” without drastically changing their business models. How? Through mutually beneficial and sustainable partnership agreements with CoHive.

Managed Partnership Partner

Coworking area at CoHive Voza, Surabaya. Managed services partnership with Tanrise Property.

Utilize idle property, gain exclusive benefits

Take maximum advantage of having your space designed, built, and managed, while also enjoying additional perks through our industry expertise and knowledge.

Occupancy rate



End to end services

We cover your needs before you even know it. Our innovative systems will allow you regular updates on your space from all aspects. A dedicated operations team will be designated for extra assistance.

Construction cost



Fill your space faster

A comprehensive team that covers in house architect, interior designer and constructors will ensure a smooth process for a quicker journey to get your desired space up and ready.

Gross yields


above market

Achieve higher market yield

Our portfolio of connections opens the doors of your spaces to premium markets. Furthermore, get an additional perk to escalate your brand value within the property industry.

We provide beyond workspaces

We make it easier for you, as our line of product and services goes beyond work spaces. Among others, we provide a living space, retail space, coworking space, event space and private offices throughout the nation.

Managed Partnership