Why You Should Compete with Yourself

compete with yourself

Being a competitive person is not an attitude for everyone. It is a personality trait when there is a strong desire to be more successful than others. Sometimes, people would label competitive persons as conceited, self-absorbed, and not being flexible. Then, instead of competing with other people and why don’t you compete with yourself?


Competition could be about chasing success, but it could also be about sharpening your hidden potential. While you’re beating your past self, your future self would always be a few steps ahead. But, when you compete with yourself, you will be surprised with what you can accomplish by yourself, and that’s what competition should be about.


Self-competition is a life-changing journey. There will be a lot of obstacles and wonders you’ll see once you tackle it down. Moreover, it can also be an unhealthy drive if you take it the wrong way. So, there are three main stages that you need to note if you decide to compete with yourself; clear goals, defined values, and a strong mindset.


Clear goals

If you’re facing yourself, you need to describe the goals you wish to pursue as clearly as possible. What kind of action do your goals require? What are the impacts on your surroundings? And how long do you need to achieve them? Specify them all into smaller goals and that’s the first step you will take.


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Defined values

While setting up your goals, you also need to back them up with your values. Since you don’t have any other rivals but yourself, you need to have a strong grip on your belief while chasing your goals. Thus, you will not be easily swayed by external factors.


Strong mindset

A strong mindset will bring you to your silver lining. There will be a lot of external factors that are trying to drag you down, but with a strong mindset, you will have a sharp state of mind toward your goals. With a strong mindset, you will have resilience in the face of adversity.


It’s critical to find the need in facing adversity within yourself. It’s not easy, but it will add so much value to your life because the fight is made for you and only you know how to play the game. By competing with yourself, you get to define and measure your success. You will learn more about yourself, especially about your length of capabilities. Most importantly, you will learn to embrace your flaws and turn them into your strengths.

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