What's the definition of Coworking Space? How did it flourish?

What Is Coworking Space?

What Is Coworking Space?

Throughout the years, numerous startup founders have been having the same problem, which is the limited budget to rent an office. These people just began their business, they definitely don’t have enough capital to buy or rent a private office. That problem has been solved by the presence of coworking space.

The phenomenon of these coworking spaces have thrived significantly all over the world since they are the only option for startup founders to start opening their business. They provide space and office in a much cheaper price than a normal corporate office. So what is this coworking space? How did it flourish? To answer all of that, this article will tell you everything you need to know about what is coworking space.

Explanation About What Is Coworking Space

Coworking space is basically a type of workplace where we share the same work environment, thus making a community in the same area. Nowadays, more and more people have moved from working in a corporate office to a coworking space. Why is this happening?

To answer that, we should know the definition of coworking space. Coworking comes from the word coworker, which means a colleague working in the same environment.

So why are these coworking space so trending now?

Coworking Space Design (The Personality)

First of all, it’s majorly caused by the coworking space design. Design is a major factor why people tend to choose coworking space rather than an ordinary corporate office. Coworking space tend to have more personality than the usual office. Some coworking space looks like a mixture of fun and funky thus making people stay longer than the usual.

People are tired of corporate offices since they are too monotone, it is exactly what they are trying to escape from. Corporate office’s design looks too formal, whereas coworking space tend to provide their users the environment they couldn’t get in a corporate office. Design is vital for either entrepreneur, freelancer, or mobile worker since it lets them feel at home. People usually search for places that looks inviting which creates more motivation to be productive.

The Vast Network

Unlike corporate office, coworking space consist of people who work for various companies, projects, and ventures. Through these different people, we could gain connection. We might even find people who might offer jobs and even collaborate in the same project.

This is vastly different than the normal office we imagine every day. We wouldn’t get connection there since everybody works for the same company.


Coworking spaces are very flexible since it is open most of the time. Not just time, but also in terms of office space, we could either pick to work in a desk collaborating with other people, or sit alone to be more focused in doing the job. The other reason why it is flexible is due to coworking space giving more freedom to workers, whether they want to stay late at night, or go home early.

As long as the job’s done, it is even possible for a worker to take a long break in the afternoon, and come back in the evening, thus giving them the autonomy they want.


Has it ever crossed your mind that you are just tired after a whole hectic day in the office? The facilities provided by coworking spaces are made so that you could spoil yourself, some coworking spaces often have bean bags, high speed internet, tons of games, and even complimentary drinks like free flow of coffee.

The reason these are all made is none other than to refresh your mind after a long day at work. Coworking spaces want workers to feel at home while working, thus creating a non-stressful environment.


There have been numerous events in a coworking space since they provide events space for people. Corporate office doesn’t normally provide events like seminars, workshops, and even networking events for people, whereas coworking place tend to provide it, this is where they are preferred.

They provide seminars which they think is necessary and important for entrepreneurs and startup founders. It is a benefit for all, the people who attend the events get more knowledge, network, the tenants who make the events get their brand awareness, and the coworking space itself becomes livelier.

An example of a Coworking Space Jakarta is CoHive. Currently they have  coworking space locations spread throughout Jakarta and BSD, such as

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