Virtual Office in South Jakarta – Affordable and Exquisite

Virtual Office in South Jakarta – Affordable & Exquisite

Virtual Office in South Jakarta

For newly founded startup or company, having a place to work is a must. However, when reality strikes in, this sort of thing becomes somewhat harder to fulfill for new startups. It’s even harder when that startup company only has around 2-4 people, renting a place to work becomes even harder than it was before, therefore making it inefficient.

One of the obligatory requirements to create a company is to have an office or place to work. This obligation to buy or rent a private office is sometimes too expensive for new startup companies, isn’t it? Currently, the best solution for this is for startups to use virtual office!

What is Virtual Office? What’s the Definition?

Virtual office is an office room where you don’t necessarily rent the physical office itself. Basically, you only need to somewhat rent the office address, thus making it your company’s address. That address could be used as a means to do all the administrative things that your company or startup needs to be legal.

Coworking Space in Jakarta, CoHive, provides a virtual office in South Jakarta with affordable price for all startup companies.

Rent a Virtual Office in South Jakarta

Ever thought of building a startup with a prestigious address? Now you can do that easily by renting the exquisite yet affordable virtual office provided by CoHive.

This virtual office is called Satellite, where they provide a prestigious address located at the Equity Tower SCBD, Jl Tulodong Atas 2, Senayan, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. This office has a strategic location since it is located in the heart of the business center at SCBD, therefore making the company’s branding image seem exquisite.

Virtual Office Price & Package in South Jakarta

Is renting a virtual office around SCBD expensive? Of course not! Through CoHive Equity Tower SCBD, you can rent a virtual office located at SCBD, South Jakarta, starting from Rp 6.000.000/year which is considered to be a very affordable deal.

Aside from offering virtual office for startup, CoHive also offers a couple of virtual office package that is considered to be a reasonable price for your startup.

  • Virtual Office Package + Surat Keterangan Domisili Perusahaan (SKDP) starting from Rp 6.250.000
  • Virtual Office Package + Pembuatan PT starting from Rp 14.000.000

Trying to find the exquisite, suitable yet affordable virtual office in Jakarta? You could contact us at +62-8787-1111-880 or email us at

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