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Types Of People You’ll Meet In A Coworking Space

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There’s always different types of people that you will meet everywhere you will go, some of them may be bad, some of them may be good; but nevertheless, you’ll like them and they’ll become ingrained into your daily life, especially if you work in the same place.

Here are some of the people you’ll typically meet in a coworking space:

The RBF ( The Resting Business Face)

Serious face, furrowed eyebrows, fingers typing away. It’s all about business with this one, No conversation is ever interesting enough to keep her away from working. She probably only stops working for toilet breaks, lunch breaks and going home. Every noise you’re making (including your breathing) is probably annoying her.

The Go-Food Addict

Borderline between having a high-metabolism and consumptive . She knows every good place to eat around the office and her Go-Pay account is never empty. Everyone asks her for food recommendation since she knows about almost all of them. She cares about everyone since she’s always asking if anyone wants food.

The ASSC (Anti Social Social Coworker)

Once his headphones are in, don’t expect him to talk to you in real life. Super friendly while texting but super quiet and reserved in real life. He won’t approach you but won’t hesitate to join in on a conversation he’s invested in. He’s a real life oxymoron – just like that brand.

The Procrastinator

He’ll do everything else before doing his work – play games in his laptop, watch movies, look at memes until it’s time to go home. He always seems so relaxed, no deadlines, no KPIs and no targets but once it hits 5pm he panics and starts working away into the night (sometimes pass the closing time, making the facility managers work late)

The “hi sis!”

She’s the know-it-all; Who’s getting married, who just broke up, who just gave birth and all the latest happenings around the coworking space. She’ll talk to you just for the sake of telling you the latest gossip. May camouflage as the nicest person around, but don’t be fooled, she probably has some juicy gossip about you too!

The multitasker

Typing away on the laptop, her phone in one hand ordering food, pen in another hand jotting down notes, headphones in answering a call. She just can’t keep still. Either super time-efficient or has a low attention span, you be the judge.

The wise ones

They have seen it all, they know it all and have heard it all. The wise ones who work in silence and never hesitates to give you a smile. They were probably there during the dotcom boom in 2000 and they’re probably there too when facebook was new; they’re just…everywhere


The heads

They’re probably the boss of some big company, they dress nice (to a coworking space? Wow!), they smell nice and they look serious. They’re not here for your small talk, well, unless they’re the ones who initiate it. Even though they might be mysterious, they seem to know everyone and remember their names.


The Social Media Addict

A moment doesn’t happen until it happens in his social media. Eating instant noodles? Snapchat it. Drinking redbull? Snap! It doesn’t matter how fun or how relevant the moment is, as long as it’s in his social media, it’s legit!

The Easily Amused

They laugh at every single thing. Tell them something super lame, and they’ll laugh. Tell them something bad that happened to you? They’ll also laugh. People question sometimes if they have a bad sense of humour or if their first response to everything is laughter. A day without their laugh, is not a day well spent!


Of course this is not applicable in every coworking space, but it’s fun to observe people indeed. All these types of people, with their different backgrounds and characteristics show that it is possible to collaborate for something great, no matter how different people are. CoHive is coworking space where everyone supports everyone, no matter how diverse people may be. As long as they are working towards something that is beneficial, characteristics and backgrounds are not something that will hold collaboration back.


“We are all different, which is great because we are all unique. Without diversity life would be very boring.”

— Catherine Pulsifer

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