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The Secrets to Branding in a Dynamic Era

Establishing and maintaining a brand in this era of social media and viral disruption requires a unique approach, between all the noises competing for attention and recognition.

To brand something, in its most basic definition, is to give it an identity that sets it apart. Establishing and maintaining a brand in this era of social media and viral disruption requires a unique approach, between all the noises competing for attention and recognition, a product or service needs to find their own way of telling a story that sets them apart from everybody else.

Manual Jakarta and 20FIT were featured at the seventh CoTalks event, aptly titled “Branding your product in a dynamic era: formulating a brand with life lasting impact” which was held at CoHive D.Lab on April 30 th, 2019.

Manual Jakarta’s Founder Hadi Ismanto and Prianka Bukit, the managing director of The FIT company which owns 20FIT, shared their candid stories and opinions to a room full of SME business owners and marketing practitioners, eager to learn to unlock the secrets to branding.

Manual Jakarta is an independent lifestyle publication that uncovers the latest happenings in Jakarta with a focus on food, fashion, arts and culture. In an age where print media is viewed as a dying breed in this digital world, Manual Jakarta steadfastly publishes a biannual print issue to supplement their main digital media. They also print and publish the Jakarta Coffee Manual, a popular reference for coffee aficionados around the big durian.

Manual’s story is shaped by its 5 core values of lifestyle, quality, curation, integrity and community, which is in line with their targeted loyal audience. Their curation and integrity principles bears as guarantee to their readers that any food establishment or product they recommend had gained their approval simply for being good enough to recommend. Even though Manual is not a household brand in Indonesia, those who do will know the promises the brand stands for.

20FIT found their voice as an all-round wellness solution by first identifying the needs and wants of their target market, the millennials. Unlike the previous generation, millennials are dedicated to wellness and they are willing to devoting time and money to exercise correctly. 20FIT went as far as identifying the average commute time and eating behavior in order to get an understanding of the daily habits of millennial living in Jakarta.

From all the data gathered 20FIT then proceeds to formulate the brand as the solution to the problems faced by these health-conscious but busy city dwellers. It aims to be the hub for every wellness-related need by offering products and services tailored to the needs of the market.

20FIT has managed to build their brand to be synonymous with technology and research driven and this sets them apart from every other player competing in the wellness industry in Jakarta. Now all 20FIT needs to do is to keep delivering their promise by continuously building the wellness ecosystem in Indonesia.

When asked about building brand awareness, Prianka from 20FIT told the story of how they developed a product to balance between late night instant noodle cravings and health consciousness before crafting a way to tell the product’s story to their potential customers in a unique way.

Hadi Ismanto resonated with Prianka and stressed that the most important part is to be different. The example Hadi chose to highlight is Netflix Indonesia’s Instagram account which defied everyone’s expectation by choosing a very laidback and corny tone, in contrast with the brand’s premium positioning.

Both speakers gave plenty of insights and tips about branding and marketing in dynamic and digital era, much to the delight of the participants. One of them is Pulung, who is currently building an online business selling original CDs and Cassette. He came to the event after discovering about it while scrolling through Instagram, thinking that it would be a good way to spend an evening before the May Day holiday.

“From the setting of the venue, the speakers they choose to bring, this event is indeed interesting,” Pulung thought that the time attending this edition of CoTalks was well spent, “The speakers are indeed familiar names and they target such an attractive market, the young people.”

Hopefully the branding secrets shared by the speakers help Pulung find his own voice and build a distinct brand for his business.

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