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The Importance of Public Relations for Startups

Public relations is a process of creating public opinion about a company or someone that aims to benefit both parties. Speaking more about the importance of the role of public relations for the company, CoHive invited Lars Voedisch as Founder and Managing Director of PRecious Communications in CoLearn Online titled "Building Startup Brands in Times of Constant Change. "

Do you work at a startup and often overwhelmed in maintaining company interpersonal communication? Maybe your company needs public relations (PR) help. Today, having an effective PR team is very important in building a company’s interpersonal communication strategy. Then, with the Covid-19 pandemic, what is the importance of public relations for startups?

To find out the important role of public relations for startups, CoHive held an interesting discussion through the CoLearn Online webinar, entitled “Building Startup Brands in Times of Constant Change”. Inviting Lars Voedisch as Founder and Managing Director of PRecious Communications, this discussion was moderated by Bernard Poernomo Partnership Lead CoHive.

“How is the importance of public relations for the company?” Because with PR, the company can build relationships between the company and its customers without spending too much, explained Lars. He described public relations as a strategic communication process that builds a reciprocal relationship between an organization and the public. That is why PR becomes a very important division because it has a role in the growth of a company.

Basically, public relations is important for everyone, both for individuals and organizations.  It is a social effort in dealing with the wider community to develop companies. PR plays an important role because there are many benefits that can be obtained, such as:

  1. Seeking investors or making funding announcements. For startups, the funding process is one of the most important stages. Therefore, the role of PR is very important in building the company’s image to attract investors.
  2. Launching the latest product and for business growth. As a developing company, startups need good sales figures, therefore the role of PR in improving the company’s image and building trust between companies and customers.
  3. Encouraging companies to do an international expansion. The role of public relations in building and maintaining the company’s reputation is very important in the growth of the company itself. Lars explained that startups need to think about the long-term for international expansion, and to realize this they need a communication strategy that can be carried out by the PR division.

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Public relations has a significant role in the growth of a company. The current pandemic has put many companies in a critical position, therefore companies need to have effective communication strategies to maintain relationships with stakeholders. Facing this situation, Lars explained the perspective of PR in dealing with a pandemic can be divided into three things, they are:

  • Maintain unity.

Lars explained that in difficult situations like this it is important for startups to show their empathy to customers. It is necessary to show the company’s concern for the ongoing disaster. This act of empathy becomes very important to maintain the company’s relationship with partners and customers.

  • Be true to the purpose.

In addition to showing empathy for the surroundings, the company also needs to share their perspectives with the public. Emphasize the problems faced by your company and how your company faces them.

  • Share the survival journey.

According to Lars, telling the story of the company’s journey in dealing with disasters is important for the public. As it can convince customers that your company has a long-term plan after the pandemic ends. In addition, it is important to show how your company is participating in helping communities affected by the pandemic. Lars said that today, people are not only interested in buying, but also to get to know the background story of the products.

“The storm creates losers and winners, therefore we all need to change our way of thinking as survivors,” explained Lars. Now all companies are having a hard time, but startups need to be encouraged and make this situation a lesson. Therefore, startups need to think realistically and survive through a pandemic because today’s giant companies are those who have survived thousands of storms in the past.

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