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The Future of Coworking Spaces

Have you ever thought what the future of coworking space would look like? Nowadays, coworking spaces have become the solution for most people to work at, especially millennials. When it comes to choosing a workplace, the majority of people would pick coworking office space since there are so much stuffs you could find there, not just networking, but also numerous educational events, the flexibility to work anytime you want, and the cozy vibes.

Due to all of these reasons, coworking trends tend to increase in recent years. Coworking space has become an innovation for a new workplace environment, whereas regular confined office has turned old-fashioned. We have gathered a few angles on what to expect from the future of coworking spaces.

Much More Vast Network

Let’s just face it, humans couldn’t live by themselves, humans have to interact with one another, don’t you think so? Do you just enjoy meeting someone new? Certainly, there are dozens of people to create a new connection in a coworking space. So how does coworking work? Basically, having a shared office space means working and sharing with more diverse people, a lot of people tend to enjoy doing this. This is what makes coworking space so popular now, you simply wouldn’t know who you might find there. There are a lot of interesting, like-minded people there, ranging from startup founders or entrepreneurs, freelancers, students and much more.

From those kinds of people, some of them might even want to invite you to work together with them, thus making use of the collaborative office space provided by the coworking space. Coworking space companies normally enthuse their members to create a network with each other, thus creating a coworking community. This has become the sole purpose in making a coworking space. There are various advantages of coworking you could get from the coworking community itself. Coworking community not only teaches you something, but you might teach something to the other coworkers too, it goes vice versa.

To extend this reason more, let us ask you one simple question? Could you find different individuals working for a different company in a regular private office? You wouldn’t, would you? You could ask everyone where they work, who they work for, and what are they working for. In the end, they would definitely say the same answer as yours, such as having the same place, same community, same boss, and same coworkers. This thing doesn’t happen in a coworking space. We would eventually see more people working at a coworking space. Moreover, more like-minded people would come such as entrepreneurs connecting with collaborators.

More Startup Companies

Take a look around you and tell us how many new companies start appearing, countless of people have started working for a startup company since they know that it’s a great prospect. People used to find it hard to open a new company because they know that they couldn’t afford to buy or rent a normal office due to the unreasonable price. Now, coworking spaces showed up as the answer to all entrepreneurs, they offer meeting rooms and also office space in a form of a shared workspace to socialize and connect with more people. This is one of the reasons why startup founders go to coworking spaces. The collaborative workspace provided by coworking companies makes it possible for startup companies to collaborate with other startup companies.

Entrepreneurs find working in a co working environment more suitable than their traditional private offices. If you read the previous blog about coworking space or private office, you would know that this is all because of “Triple F” (Freedom and Flexibility Factor) provided by coworking companies. Top coworking companies ensure that these factors must be given to their tenants since they know that private office tends to keep their workers on a leash. Could you imagine being a dog on a leash? That is exactly what freedom tastes like in a private office.

In the coming years, we predict that more people would realize this horrible fact, and they would preferably choose coworking space. Alas, coworking spaces would get a lot of new faces coming in. By gaining more people, we know that there will be tons of new startup companies appearing in the future.

New Working Era

Believe it or not, corporate and private offices will become old school. The normal office you see every day has so many holes in it, and those holes have been fixed by the presence of coworking, starting from the environment, networking, ambiance, flexibility, and much more. Due to these reasons, we know that coworking space is definitely the future of all workplaces. There will be no more of those offices where you come to work using formal clothes and ties. Those kinds of things are the ones that restrict workers’ freedom.

There are some coworking spaces that design their office like a normal corporate office. But, there’s a but, it’s not as stiff as corporate offices, people who design coworking spaces know the exact flaw which brought down private offices. They provide several entertainments, things to do, and so many refreshing areas so that their workers and tenants don’t get tired easily. They provide free flow of coffees, so their tenants could sit for hours working. It could be lonely at the first couple of hours, but believe us, it only takes around a day or two for someone to strike up a conversation with you.

Coworking spaces brought up a whole new culture of working where they could create an event to educate other people. These useful pieces of information are vital to startup founders, especially for their newly founded startup companies. Where would you find educational info session in private offices? You wouldn’t, would you?

We can see from all the coworking space nowadays, we could see that they’re introducing us to a new level of the working system. The system where there are no actual norms in a workplace, they introduced us to a system where we could have so much freedom, unlike their counterpart, the private office.

What’s the Future of Coworking Spaces?

Ultimately, coworking space’s style of work has a huge chance of becoming the new trend of working in the future. Having a shared office space with random, diverse people will be the advantage of coworking spaces, whereas the number of people working in a regular office space would eventually decline slowly.

Coworking trends will go up high as more millennials come to work at coworking spaces, not just because of the flexible office space, but there is more to that. As you can see, coworking spaces aren’t just a place to gather networks, it is also a place where you could unlock your potential. Imagine working in a small office space full of lively, warm, and interactive people who would be willing to teach you a thing or two.

Simply put, by the time you’re reading this, the growth of coworking spaces keeps on escalating, more and more people will know about the presence of coworking space making more people come to coworking space. The reason why we are seeing more people come to coworking spaces is simply that they love the work culture there. Thus, we know that in the near future, coworking space will definitely be the new era for working. A majority of people would go to coworking spaces rather than traditional work spaces.

These are all the things to expect regarding the future of coworking spaces, but you don’t necessarily need to go to the future to see the future of coworking spaces, there are some workspaces that show these futuristic aspects, like CoHive. CoHive is one of those coworking space that has already proven to be very innovative and impeccable. They continuously take notice of every single detail for their coworking space design since they know it is what most people are after, CoHive has an eye for all the vibes, starting from the environment until the community, thus welcoming people to work there. You can wait to see how the future of coworking space looks like, or you can work at CoHive now to see that future come to life.

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