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Starting a Healthy Life in the New Normal Era

It's never too late to start a healthy life. Commencing with the desire to change bad habits, accompanied by persistence to be healthy, and followed by perseverance towards new lifestyles. Knowing further, the importance of starting a healthy life, especially in the new normal era, CoHive held an online webinar with Dede Herdiansyah as Head of Commercial Tanihub and Nova Eugenia as FIT Gourmet Co-Founders to discuss further how the right way to start and maintain healthy life style.

One of the resolutions in entering a new normal era is to start a healthy life. Starting a healthy life can be done anytime and anywhere, but it takes perseverance in running it every day. The current uncertain situation in this new normal era, having a healthy body is everyone’s dream. Therefore, before starting a healthy life it is better to find out more about what a healthy life is and how to start the habit.

A healthy lifestyle requires some efforts to maintain stability between the intake of nutritious food, regular exercise, and adequate rest. To find out more about healthy living, CoHive held a CoLearn Online webinar, titled “Nurture Healthy Living in New Normal”. This discussion was attended by Dede Herdiansyah as Head of Commercial Tanihub, Nova Eugenia as Co-Founder of FIT Gourmet, and Windyannisa Cindrati Community Relations Associate as moderator.

Based on data from the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2018, 73% of deaths in Indonesia caused by poor lifestyles. Bad lifestyle in question largely caused by air pollution, smoking, lack of physical activity, high blood pressure, sodium intake, and obesity. With the new normal situation where activities in the public sphere are severely restricted, Nova said that it takes adaptation to apply healthy living habits. Then, what kind of adaptation does it take to start a healthy life in the new normal era?

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Do your research first

To make a meal and exercise schedule that suits your body, you need to do your research first. Find out what type of diet suits your body type and focus on what your body needs. Improving eating patterns is certainly not an easy thing, especially if done in the middle of a pandemic like this. In addition to researching what your body needs, also research the products you consume. Dede reminded the importance of the quality of the food you consume in maintaining a healthy body. In Facing an uncertain situation like this, Tanihub emphasized its sanitation to maintain the quality of their produce.

Besides, you need to understand that diet is not necessarily to lose weight, but also to improve your health. Therefore, focus on your diet to be healthier with adequate nutrition and regular exercise.

Plan your eating and exercise schedule

In starting a healthy life, you must get used to eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. According to Nova, creating your own schedule is a good step to start your healthy journey. By creating a schedule you can plan your meals and exercise program for each week. Plan your meal program for the next week, complete with a meal schedule, cheat day, and time to exercise. If you are not accustomed to exercising, you can start with light exercises such as pilates and yoga. As for cheat day, Nova suggests planning what meals you want to consume during cheat day and adhere to your plan. 

Listen to what your body says

Listening to what our body needs are an important point in starting a healthy lifestyle. What kind of nutritional intake your body needs and sports that are appropriate for your body’s motorists. However, you also need to listen to your body and mind. Give yourself a break, either to just talk with friends or to meditate.

Starting a healthy life in the middle of a new normal era may sound difficult and full of rules, but that does not mean it is impossible to do. Maintaining your body’s health from an early age is a smart step to invest in old age. It’s never too late to start a healthy life, but it takes perseverance and high will to change your old habits into a healthier lifestyle.

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