Society 5.0 is the New Era of Branding

First introduced by the Japanese Government in 2019, Society 5.0  referred as the concept of integration between the virtual world and reality. Society 5.0 is a concept that enables humans to solve various social problems with the support of technology. This concept is expected to perfect the previous social concept, the Industrial Revolution 4.0. The arrival of the Internet into human life in Industrial Revolution 4.0 creates a gap between generations, causing technology utilization to become one-sided to one generation and creates a generation gap. The introduction of Society 5.0 is meant to close that gap by allowing humans to fully utilize technology to support various activities, and it’s also said to be the new era of branding.

Then how does Society 5.0 influence the new era of branding? Through CoLearn Online, a webinar by CoHive titled “How Branding Society 5.0 Can Be the Protagonist in New Normal Era?”, the question answered through an insightful discussion with Christofel Angelo and Johan Alvin, the Creative Director, and Branding Consultant at JCK Enterprise. This dialogue moderated by Luthfan Herdyanto, Regional Development Lead CoHive.

There is no business without branding, which is a process to identify a company or product. In Society 5.0, the branding process focuses on trust between consumers and sellers. It is based on three main principles of Society 5.0, namely openness, inclusivity, and collaboration. These three principles then combined into a branding strategy by JCK Enterprise, which referred as ‘HEROES’. ‘HEROES’ itself is an acronym for the six strategies in it, namely:

Hear and listen to the voice of customers. The strategy means that a brand does not only provide innovation to consumers. However, they also need to listen to criticism and input from consumers. 

Elevate the value of product and service. In this strategy, brands need to increase their brand value by giving personality to their products. This can make the product have an emotional value to consumers.

Read the future need. This strategy aims to keep businesses to innovate their products and services. Following trends and applying them to what the company is offering can keep consumers interested in the company and its products.

Open mutual communication. For this strategy, business owners encouraged to do open communication in promoting their brand. In the current era promotion shouldn’t be done alone, but through collaboration, as it attracts a wider range of customers.

Ensure the moment of truth. This strategy ensures the services provided by the brand to its consumers. Furthermore, a brand can have a good image in cyberspace, but that will be meaningless if it is not accompanied by good service.

Socialize and declare to people. This strategy explains the importance of interaction between brands and consumers. Then, once the strategy fulfilled, consumers will feel involved and grow trust with the brand.

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Over time, science will increasingly develop and with the concept of Society 5.0, all human activities can be supported by technological assistance. Angelo added, that at this time Society 5.0 proved as an era that needed by the community because it succeeded in regenerating humanity with the help of technology. Previously the technology often considered backfiring because it eliminated the sense of humanity. Now, technology actually used to increase a sense of caring and trust, both between humans, companies, and also consumers.

The ‘HEROES’ strategy by JCK Enterprise, responds to Society 5.0’s role as a protagonist in the branding era, namely as a concept of a future civilization that integrates virtual and physical space. With the concept of Society 5.0 a new era of business and branding is born.


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