Private Office in Jakarta - Affordable and Admirable

Private Office in Jakarta | Affordable & Admirable

Private Office in Jakarta

Has it ever crossed your mind to find that certain place where you can have a private room in Jakarta? Renting a private office in Jakarta is actually a thing most people dreams of having. When it comes to the level of noise and traffic all over Jakarta, of course, you want privacy right? You could simply rent an office in Jakarta like the other companies to get a private room, but how much would that cost you? It would pretty much be unaffordable, wouldn’t it? The answer to that would be renting a private office in Jakarta.

Rent a Private Office in Jakarta

Some of you might be thinking “Why would I rent a private office in Jakarta provided by coworking spaces? Don’t all coworking spaces in Jakarta share the same office? We wouldn’t get a private space for ourselves, would we?” Actually, there are plenty of private room in Jakarta provided by several coworking spaces. True, you would get a shared office at a coworking space, but if you want privacy, you could actually rent a private office in a coworking space too. Not only that, but you would also get tons of networking if you go outside of your private office. So what are the recommended private offices in Jakarta?

Lively Privacy | Private Office in Sudirman

In this coworking space provided by CoHive at Karet, Kuningan, there are tons of offices fitting from 3 to 12 people. These private offices are recommended for you guys who are working in a newly created startup company. The interior design in this coworking space is suitable for those who are looking for the lively ambiance. Even though the place is surrounded by people playing billiard, table tennis, people chatting, you would still get the privacy you and your team wants at a private office.

There are plenty of offices in Jakarta where you could simply rent the whole floor for yourselves, but what would that give you? Sure you would get plenty of rooms for yourself, but wouldn’t it get dull at some time? Wouldn’t it get boring to have no one to talk to? You could say hi to everyone but they all would be from the same company, the exact same coworkers every day. How about if you rent a private office in a coworking space? You would get plenty of connections, seeing different faces every day.

Feeling a Little Classy? | Office Space Kebayoran Baru

The vintage office with a slight green touch at CoHive The Maja is exactly what you need if you are looking for a conducive work. So what’s with the green touch? Maja is beautifully decorated with plants, making the environment fresh for work. The private office in The Maja is not surrounded by the concrete wall, it is covered with glass panels. This is a good thing for those of you who have claustrophobia.

For those of you who like to have privacy with a slight vintage yet classic touch, this is the perfect private office for you. Again, you could get the privacy you want at a normal corporate office, but you wouldn’t get the network in a private office provided by coworking spaces all over Jakarta. The Maja is currently the oldest private office provided by CoHive, thus adding the classic vibes and old feeling more.

Going for Go Green | Office Room Tangerang

Similar to The Maja, CoHive The Breeze is surrounded by greenish vibes, both of them are surrounded by trees and plants. So what is the difference? The Maja is more to the vintage environment, whereas The Breeze is more modern due to the white walls and greenish windows from the effect of their plants.

The Breeze is located at BSD City, Tangerang. Now we know what you’re thinking, this place is outside Jakarta right? But what if you have a startup company in the outskirts of Jakarta and currently looking for a private office space for rent, then this place might suit you.

Everyone Dreams of Being Luxurious | Working Space SCBD

Ever dreamt of having an office in a prestigious place? Let’s not debate on this, everybody would love that! How about having an office in one of the most luxurious places in Jakarta? There are a lot of office space in Jakarta, but having an office space in SCBD? That’s another thing to be proud of. Located at the Equity Tower provided by CoHive, one of the coworking space in Jakarta. Satellite provides working space that directly views the business district in Jakarta.

So why is it considered prestigious? Basically, SCBD is the heart of the business district in Jakarta, therefore there are tons of offices there, not just normal offices, but luxurious offices. Just imagine renting an office in Jakarta, and getting all the privacy for your own company. You wouldn’t rent other offices in SCBD since it is painfully expensive, but here? You would get that at a much affordable price. Not only is it affordable but luxurious too, you would directly get that prestigious feeling.

Privacy in the Heart of the City | Private Office Kuningan

For those of you who don’t want to have an office room anywhere else but in the heart of the city, the government has worked together with CoHive to create Jakarta Smart City Hive, also known as JSCHive by CoHive. It is located in the heart of the city where almost all things are going on, which is Kuningan.

You would get the working room you wanted all the time since the place is truly suitable for working. There is simply this conducive vibes going on at JSC Hive which helps you get the work done. This place is worth it for those of you who have a newly created startup company and currently looking for a private room in Jakarta.

Those are all the recommended private offices CoHive offers. Why did I consider cheap? It’s simply because the price ranges from 4 million rupiahs and above. That is much cheaper than renting any other private offices in Jakarta or renting an office for your own. So what do you guys think? Interested? Visit CoHive!

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