“Jakarta Aman” App for Women’s Safety in Public Spaces

The Coalition of Safe Public Space (KRPA) stated that women are 13 times more prone to sexual harassment than men in public space. A survey conducted from 25 November – 10 December 2018, involved 62.224 respondents, consisting of men and women, randomly selected in all provinces of Indonesia. The same survey indicated that 46,8 percent of people had been harassed in public transportation, mostly on the bus. Responding to this fact, the Office of Empowerment, Child Protection, and Population Control (Dinas PPAPP) in Jakarta launched a mobile application called “Jakarta Aman”. It was a collaboration project with PT Indonesia Lebih Aman that introduced officially in October 2019.


“Ngobrol Jakarta” – Gue Startup Jakarta #13, an event presented by CoHive in collaboration with Jakarta Smart City, discussed about “Safe Public Space for Women” (Ruang Publik Aman untuk Perempuan) on Friday, 20 December 2019, at JSCHive by CoHive, South Jakarta. Participated by more than 40 participants consisting of men and women, the event discussed further on the issues women faced in public spaces (including sexual harassment) and how the features in ‘Jakarta Aman’ app could be utilized as protection tools.


There are several measures to reduce the number of sexual harassment in Jakarta. The Office of Empowerment, Child Protection, and Population Control (Dinas PPAPP) stated that the actions divided into two parts, which are the prevention and settlement process. The agency has initiated “Pos Sahabat Perempuan dan Anak” or a dedicated post to report harassment, spread in 259 spots in Transjakarta bus station, MRT and LRT station.


Other than that, the ‘Jakarta Aman’ app released to protect women and vulnerable groups in Jakarta. This application has five features. The mainstay feature is “Emergency Button” that if we are pressing for three seconds, then call center 112 will contact the account owner. And then “Report” feature, a feature for users to report criminal events or public service needs by sending a picture for proof. Moreover, there is “Important Numbers” that gives information about telephone numbers and addresses, “Secure Community,” that is Siskamling (night patrol) in the digital platform, and “Family Safe” that able to show the location of each family member when they are far away. Up until December 2019, the app has reached 10.000 downloads and according to the data of Dinas PPAPP, the harassment to children and women have been significantly decreased compared to the last five years.


According to Hollaback! Jakarta, the awareness of types of sexual harassment are worrying. For example, not everyone in Jakarta understands that “catcalling” or verbal abuse is not okay for women. Although, most men dissembled the call “beauty” as a compliment to the women. Therefore they are actively campaigning and educating the society with types of sexual harassment and the ways to counter them known as “Five D’s.” There are five ways to combat the harassment, first “direct” or confronting the situation. If someone decides to do this, they have to be firm, clear, and concise with stopping the harassment. Second, there is “distract” where someone can take an indirect approach to de-escalate the situation. And then “delegate” to seek help from a third party. If it is safe to document the incident, someone can “document” it for proof. Lastly, there is “delaying” where someone can wait until the situation is over and speak to the victim.


In conclusion, sexual harassment is still an ongoing issue in Jakarta, especially in public space, whereas open space should be a place that can make the citizen feel safe and utilize it without disturbed by harassment from irresponsible people. Therefore, a collaboration between maximum effort from the government and active participation from the citizen should be in place.

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