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Need a Mood Booster in the Office?


Every now and then, you’ll end up working without those ideas coming to your mind. Why so? Well, on this specific case, I would like to call it a “mindstuck” moment. What’s mindstuck you may ask? Basically, it is a condition where your mood and mind isn’t in the correct place to work efficiently.

Well, actually there are some ways you could get your mood boosted, but I personally prefer the old fashioned coffee buzzer way. Why is it called buzzer? Simply put, these are the reasons why coffee is a great companion in the office:

Sleepy? Don’t Slap Your Face

Some research even said that 100 to 200 mg of caffeine could definitely increase your mental alertness, which would eventually help you to visualize your surroundings more intensively. In other words, let me simply put it, coffee actually slaps you in the face to keep you wide awake. Although, I would actually recommend not drinking too much coffee as it would actually increase your anxiety level. Oh and did I forget to say sleeplessness and muscle tremors? Yeah, that could happen, remember, never drink too much!

No Such Thing as Short Term Memory

There are some particular study which actually said that 200 mg of caffeine could certainly improve your long term memory. Same as before, it’s way much easier to analyze visuals after you drink coffee.

The research found out that caffeine actually helps you remember a lot of things visually, such as pictures, surroundings, environments, and so on. This is due to the ability of caffeine to block adenosine, which is a molecule that stops the function of norepinephrine (a hormone that has the ability to show positive effects on memory).

Finding the Calm in Chaos

Do you know that many people believe that caffeine could block receptors that react to stress? This is too true to be true, one study actually included a group of women who drank caffeine for 10 years, where they eventually show a lower level of stress or depression.

Ever felt that ease moment where your mind is in a calm state after drinking coffee? That moment is the exact same one as mentioned above. Now for the last thing regarding all these;

How do I Know What I Know?

Well, the answer to that simple question is easy, all you need to do is try it. You wouldn’t know unless you try right? Surely everyone would get mindstuck every once in a while, everyone has their own medicine for this matter. For me, coffee is the cure.

In CoHive, there’s this wonderful automatic espresso coffee machine provided by Otten Coffee that is simply lovely. You don’t need to buy those expensive coffees from a coffee shop. You could recharge your energy and stay awake at work by simply letting that coffee slap you in the face, and no I don’t mean literally slapping, but you get my point. So, having those awful moods in the office? chillax, just drink coffee at our coworking space! Now, how about if you don’t want to drink coffee? Are there any other tips besides coffee? Good news guys! You could continue reading about it 5 Tips for a Fresher Mind at Work

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