Meeting Room in Jakarta - Affordable and Admirable

Meeting Room in Jakarta – Affordable & Admirable

Before we start this article, let us ask you one question. Where could you rent an affordable meeting room in Jakarta? I know some of you might answer in an office, a restaurant, a coffee shop, and so on. There are a lot of office space for rent in Jakarta, but are you sure it’s worth the price? Would you pay a whole office room just to get one meeting room? Well, all of you might be wondering the same thing, then what is the most suitable place to have a meeting in Jakarta?

Choosing the Best Meeting Venue

There are already tons of event venues in Jakarta, how about meeting venues? You really need a private room for a meeting in Jakarta, you wouldn’t get that in a restaurant or a coffee shop. Would you really go to a restaurant or a coffee shop just to have a meeting with your friends, coworkers, colleagues and so on? It wouldn’t be conducive, would it? Just imagine you sitting with your friends, ready for some serious meeting, and apparently all the noise around that place starts disturbing you, well that’s not a good place for a meeting, isn’t it?

Earlier, we mentioned that you need a private room in Jakarta to have a meeting. Now we know what you’re thinking, “How about we rent an office space for ourselves? We could get a meeting room and the whole office too!” Well, actually you could do that to get your own private room here in Jakarta, but would it be affordable? It’s much pricier, don’t you think?

There are tons of coworking spaces in Jakarta that provide meeting spaces just for you! Besides, would you get all the meeting facilities that a restaurant and a corporate office provide? You wouldn’t, right? There are tons of meeting facilities you could get if you go to a meeting room provided by coworking space. Fair to say that the meeting room design is way much livelier in coworking space rather than the meeting room in a private office. Furthermore, you could get this in a way cheaper price. So what coworking spaces provide these meeting spaces?

Meeting Rooms in Jakarta

The Vintage Meeting Room, CoHive The Maja Kebayoran Lama

The meeting room located at The Maja building is such a strategic place to have a meeting. It’s surrounded by plants with a window just in front of the meeting room, giving much greener vibes. The vibes in The Maja itself already provide these warm vibes.

In the previous blog about event spaces in Jakarta, we told you that when you walk in The Maja building, you could really feel that vintage and old feeling. Even though the place looks old, it still gives the cozy feeling you want when you are having a meeting. The place could fit up to 10 people, maybe more. Wonder how much is the price? What facilities do you get? Well, here it is!

Price: Rp 200,000/hour (weekdays) & Rp 300,000/hour (weekends)

Facilities: Ergonomic Chair, Vintage Environment, TV Screen, White Board, Wifi, Free Flow Coffee.

Address: Jl. Kyai Maja No 39, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

Website: CoHive The Maja

The Artsy Meeting Space, CoHive D.Lab Menteng

D.Lab is located in the heart of Jakarta, in Menteng. For those of you who prefer the artsy kind of vibes, this place is perfect for you! The other thing which makes this place unique is the name of all the seven meeting rooms there, which involves superhero names, so for all of you Marvel and DC fans, this place might be the one to watch for. The meeting room could fit around 4-8 people, this is very suitable for your startup company which is still short of people.

Price: Rp 200,000/hour (weekdays) & Rp 300,000/hour (weekends)

Meeting Facilities: Ergonomic Chair, Artsy Environment, TV Screen, White Board, Wifi, and Free Flow Coffee.

Address: Jl. Riau No.1, Gondangdia, Menteng, Central Jakarta.

Website: CoHive D.Lab

The Lively Meeting Venue, CoHive Sona Topas Tower Sudirman

CoHive Sona Topas Tower is located at Jalan Jenderal Sudirman in the center of Jakarta. This meeting venue is preferable for you who prefer lively vibes. CoHive Sona Topas Tower is never known to be quiet, there are always activities going on at Sona Topas. Even though it is somewhat crowded at CoHive Sona Topas Tower, you could always book a meeting venue where you could actually get a private room.

The meeting room design there revolves around the name of cities including New York, London, Rio, and Seoul. New York is currently the biggest meeting room there fitting up to 8 people, or more. The rest of them could fit around 4 or more people. There are a lot of things you can do here as there are tons of entertainments after you finish the meeting, such as a pool table, foosball, table tennis, arcade, and much more.

Price: Rp 200,000/hour (weekdays) & Rp 300,000/hour (weekends)

Meeting Facilities: Ergonomic Chair, Lively Environment, TV Screen, White Board, Wifi, and Free Flow Coffee.

Address: Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.Kav 24, RT.10/RW.1, Karet, Setiabudi, Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta 12920

Website: CoHive Sona Topas Tower

The Classy Meeting Space, JSCHive by CoHive

First of all, why is it classy? Some of you might ask that question. Well, to answer that, have you ever seen a place where a fun and serious vibes collide with each other without losing the aspect of both seriousness and fun environment? The meeting room provided by this coworking space is already supported by the government, Jakarta Smart City.

This meeting room is perfect for you who want to hold a meeting outside of the office-like environment, it is also suitable since it is near several tons of buildings, therefore making it easier for you to meet your clients from another company. There is 3 meeting space provided by JSC Hive, and they are all based on the names that once were Jakarta, such as Batavia, Sunda Kelapa, and Jayakarta. Both Jayakarta and Sunda Kelapa meeting rooms could be combined into one meeting room, thus creating a more spacious environment. Originally, it could fit 2-4 people, if it is combined, it would fit around 8 people.

Price: Rp 200,000/hour (weekdays) & Rp 300,000/hour (weekends)

Meeting Facilities: Ergonomic Chair, Fun & Focused Environment, TV Screen, White Board, Wifi, and Free Flow Coffee.

Address: JL. Prof Dr. Satrio No. 7, Karet Kuningan, South Jakarta.

Website: JSCHive by CoHive

So there it is! Those are all 5 meeting rooms that we recommend for you guys. Now you don’t need to go to a restaurant, coffee shop, or even rent a private office in Jakarta just to do a meeting. What do you think about the places?

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