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JAKI, Jakarta’s Super-Apps to Solve Citizen Problems

A "smart city" is undoubtedly a concept that needs to be implemented in today's fast-paced world. Jakarta, as the capital city, tries to answer the citizen’s need to solve problems as fast as they can, through an application called Jakarta Kini (JAKI). Ngobrol Jakarta, an event held by CoHive and Jakarta Smart City facilitates a fruitful discussion about the app.

In the era of industrial revolution 4.0, smart city technology can help city governments operate more efficiently while improving services to citizens. It is agreeable that the definition of a smart city is still changing. However, a few things have become clear: smart cities manage information and communication technologies to enhance service levels. Other than that, a smart city enables the improvement of citizen well-being, sustainability, and economic development. Jakarta, as the capital city, tries to answer the citizen’s need to solve problems as fast as they can, through an application called Jakarta Kini (JAKI).

JAKI was launched in November 2019 and installed by 10 thousand users on Play Store. It has claimed as a super-app because it is a one-stop-solution app. There are currently six features in JAKI. First JakWarta to show the latest info/news related to the capital city, JakSiaga for information on emergency telephone numbers (ambulance, PMI, police, disaster post, etc.), JakSurvei to participate in the official survey of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government; JakISPU to find out air health indicators, JakServ to direct to the Provincial Government SKPD website, and JakLapor to submit reports on critique and suggestions on the capital’s problems.

Ngobrol Jakarta, an event presented by CoHive in collaboration with Jakarta Smart City, discussed this issue titled “Trendy Government, Answers the Need of Citizen through Apps” (Pemerintah Kekinian, Jawab Kebutuhan Warga Lewat Aplikasi). Held on Thursday, 28th of December 2019, at JSC Hive by CoHive, Jl. Dr. Satrio, Kuningan, South Jakarta, the event discussed the features in JAKI apps and smart collaboration in Jakarta. 

Three speakers from the apps developer, startup, and governor delivery unit (TGUPP) shared their point of view about how to solve citizen’s problems through technology. They are Juan Intan Kanggrawan (Head of Data and Analytics of Jakarta Smart City), Herry Dharmawan (Policy Manager of Governor’s Delivery Unit/TGUPP), and Gabriel Sudarman (President Director of Helfa digital healthcare solution app).

According to Kanggrawan from Jakarta Smart City, citizens today expect their cities to deliver sturdy, user-friendly digital services. Modern mobile applications and interactive social media accounts have become the standard in many phases of life. Expanding online services in communities make smart cities a more attractive place for residents to live.

Currently, Jakarta Smart City has not collaborated with any startup for its JAKI app. It is focusing on coordinating with all agencies under the government. JSC has organized regular socialization with all stakeholders. Kanggrawan is hopeful that each of the agencies can publish new information to the public or follow up any report from the citizen promptly.

On the other hand, HELFA as a digital healthcare solution startup, hopeful to be able to incorporate their app in JAKI apps. Gabriel Sudarman, the President Director of HELFA, said that HELFA has fully integrated with the hospital system. It can expedite the process of a patient’s waiting time from registration to the medical treatment room. If usually, it can take 3-5 hours, HELFA claims they can reduce it to only 35 minutes.

Smart cities that utilize connected technology across their operations reap a host of benefits. Such as more competent, data-driven decision-making, enhanced citizen and government engagement, and efficient public utilities. Herry Dharmawan from Governor Anies’s Delivery Unit explained that currently, Jakarta already has collaboration with 8 startups to solve citizen’s problems. Dharmawan further explains that the government underlines that citizen problems are impossible to be solved solely by the government alone.

In conclusion, it’s hard to ignore the many benefits connected cities offer. Therefore, Jakarta has to be serious in investing in smart city technology development. As with any vital citywide technology initiative, though, implementation takes vision, investment, and careful planning to ensure success. 

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