Is it Time to Resign?

time to resign

Is it time to resign? Are you considering yourself stepping down from your position but still pacing back and forth about it? 

It is okay to walk out the door from your company, it is totally fine, but you need to recognize these signs first. By recognizing your values and these signs, you will understand your position better. Do you want to resign or is it a one-time thing?


Toxic environment

There are so many things that are making an environment toxic and unsuitable for you, for example, your work-peers, leaders, even job descriptions that are out of your scope. So take time to evaluate these aspects and consider resigning.


Company’s value that is different from yours

If you feel uncomfortable working at your current company, you should reevaluate your mission. Does it go the same way with the company? Do you have the same value as your company’s goals?

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You don’t have the room to grow

There are many ways in which you can grow professionally, be it a change of title or an increase in pay. If for whatever reason you don’t feel the opportunities coming your way nor there’s room for you to grow, you should reassess your purposes there. Should you quit?

You’re working beyond your portion

There are many cases when you must carry out other tasks that are not necessarily yours but you’re capable and have no choice. If this situation persists, it’s a green sign for you to look for another opportunity and resign.  

You are underpaid 

There is a difference between deserving the amount that equals your value and wanting to be paid high. This issue may be sensitive, but it has to be addressed correctly to your employer, and if they refuse to acknowledge the issue, it’s time to consider other options. 

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