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Handling Bad Mood in the Office 101

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Every once in a while, you’ll probably feel like your mood isn’t that right, not just at your home, but even in the office. Okay, so what’s the problem exactly? Let me guess, your boss is not satisfied with your work? Spilt a drink all over your laptop? Spoiled your food and now you have nothing to eat? The person you love left you behind? Breakups? Would you really let all that sink in and interfere with your work?

Every now and then, bad moods often come and go, it has become part of our lives, and there are no actual way on getting rid of it. The situation of having bad mood problems are just like the situation where you are trying to prevent a leak of gas on your kitchen, the more you just stare and think about it, the more you couldn’t stop it. Though, there are some ways to actually stall that mood and slow it down. This article would really guide you through the simplest guide on how to handle those unwanted moods in the office.

Talk, Talk, and… Oh! More Talk

Believe me when I say this, but talking to your coworkers actually help improve your mood. There is no problem to talk about the issue you’re having. Some of your coworkers might even have a few advice that could really solve your problem. Some research has also proven that talking decreases your stress.

Maybe you’re a little bit uncomfortable talking to your coworkers, then you could talk to a colleague, or even talk to your family members. No matter how depressed and alone you feel, there are always people to talk to. There are some people who still think that talking shows weakness. This isn’t true though since it is proven that by talking, your burden becomes much easier to load.

What Happens at Home Stays at Home

Never ever bring your problems from your home to the office, it never works. The mood you bring from your house will definitely affect the mood in your office for the whole day. Now, if you have a problem at home, let it stay at home, you wouldn’t want to have those negative moods both in your house and at the office, would you?

Could you simply imagine the horror it is when you have one problem at home, but then there is another problem in the office? See, it’s much better to only have one problem at a time right? Having more problem in the office only means that you’re adding fuel to the fire, and that’s not really a good thing, isn’t it? What happens at home, stays at home.

Get Lost

Before you say anything, I don’t really mean get lost from this blog, nope, not at all. What I really mean is take a stroll somewhere and just get lost, just take a short walk somewhere, either inside or outside the office, who knows what you might find out there? Don’t let those negative moods take control of your mind the whole day in the office.

Believe me, I’ve tried this before walking around the office, this really works when your office building has several floors. You could try going to different floors and find out that life outside those concrete wall of your office. Don’t just stay at your office, explore, and simply get lost.

Stop for a Refuel

Similarly, you could simply take a walk outside your office and grab a drink, your boss wouldn’t mind that as long as you get the job done right? Just go out for a drink for a little while, preferably at lunchtime when everybody is having their meal. What better way to get rid of your bad moods than going out for a cup (or two cups) of coffee.

Ever heard of the term “A coffee a day keeps the grumpy away”? It is actually true since there are lots of people who tend to find coffee as a getaway drink from their stressful lives. One research has also proven that coffee could disrupt brain from processing those stressful situations. Alright, this question might pop up to some of you “I don’t like coffees, are there any other options?” Tons actually, tea, water, juice. Honestly, go grab a drink now, forget about those bad moods in the office. Chillax, remember? You’re here to enjoy your work, not getting punished into doing eternal slavery for one company, don’t let it get to you.

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