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Getting to Know Indonesia’s Agents of Change in Educationw

There are agents of change who are willing to go the extra mile to provide wider access to proper education.

Education is important but not everyone has the privilege of having good teachers and education, even in big cities like Jakarta. Fortunately, there are agents of change who are willing to go the extra mile to provide wider access to proper education.

Ngobrol Jakarta is a monthly event held by Jakarta Smart City in collaboration with CoHive and Gue Startup Jakarta (GSJ). This event is a good opportunity to gain knowledge as well as networking opportunities, especially for startups and communities who care to solve various issues in Jakarta.

The event series has accumulated a loyal follower, such as Melvin, a student from UNJ who has been following GSJ’s development since 2017. “The event allows me to gain knowledge about new things,”explained Melvin.

Ngobrol Jakarta #7 was held on 25 April 2019 at JSC Hive by CoHive, involving speakers from 2communities: Indonesia Mengajar and Lingkaran, that serve as platforms for Indonesia’s agents ofchange in education.

Indonesia Mengajar, represented by its Managing Director Haiva Muzdaliva, is a collaborativemovement to improve the quality of education in the remote areas of Indonesia.

The movement hasgained the participation and support from thousands of people through various programs. One of their recently launched programs is Tembokpedia, which encourages people to create educative drawingsaround their living and working neighborhood.

Indonesia Mengajar has also held volunteering events inmalls, having volunteers prepare and pack donation packages to be sent in remote areas in the placeusually associated with shopping and entertainment.

The other speaker was Wendy Pratama, Founder and Headmaster of Lingkaran, a leading creative education platform in Indonesia. Lingkaran aims to empower the community of creative founders and talents to maximize their circle of potentials in order to achieve their next possibilities.

Over 750 organizations in 3 cities have been assisted, with a total of more than 3,000 sharing hours. Lingkaran claims to have developed more than 6,000 learners after joining their programs, which includes innovative formats, such as Mini Classes, Digital Mastership, Business Starterpacks as well as a program called Edscapes which aims to create a more educational and engaging learning through field-tripexperience.

Both speakers presented fresh insights regarding their strategies to improve the education sector in Indonesia. Haiva from Indonesia Mengajar said that the most important strategy was to act quickly whenever they found challenges. This organization was initially found when they were looking for asolution to the shortage of teachers in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Wendy from Lingkaran admitted that there were many issues concerning education in Indonesia but he simplified the problems into two words: personalize and fundamental. Education needs to be personalized to answer the interests and needs of the students.

Education also needs to be more focused on teaching the fundamentals properly so that the students can succeed in whichever path they choose. The agents of change featured in this installment of Ngobrol Jakarta highlighted the importance of having access to good education opportunities.

It is fortunate that the partnership between the government (Jakarta Smart City) and the coworking space (CoHive) can provide the access to quality and fruitful discussion on how to tackle social challenges. This public sharing event is also the moment where curious minds can come and learn new knowledge while making new friends.

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