Get the Best of Both World From Remote Working and Work-From-Home

remote working working-from-home

With the new working environment implemented, the responses from workers vary. While some of them are enjoying their new access to flexibility, some others just can’t wait to go back to the office and get their boundaries straightened. 


For the past year, we learned and adjusted our working habit the hard way. Within three months after Covid-19 officially entered Indonesia, we suddenly had to stop our fast-paced work culture at the office, to always sitting in front of the laptop in the corner of our room. However as these new habits transform into a new normal, we begin to find the balance of juggling work and life through a combination of work-from-home and work-from-anywhere arrangement. 

While maintaining a safe distance apart, through this hybrid work arrangement, companies are able to increase productivity and maintain employee wellbeing by providing flexible working options; working-from-home and remote working. That means, employees are exposed to both experiences and could maximize their productivity and wellbeing at the same time. Besides, there are more benefits that you can get by getting the best of both worlds from remote working and work-from-home.


Work-life balance

Both work-from-home and remote working offers one thing of many in common, work-life balance. The current phenomenon pushes us beyond our limits, and sometimes it burns us out–both for expectation to keep our career and our mental state in one place. So, maintaining a healthy work-life balance has become the top priority. And we can unlock that element by work-from-home and remote working which will allow you to be productive and work on your wellbeing at the same time.


Custom flexibility

According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report, “The optimal engagement boost occurs when employees spend [around] three to four days working off-site.” And by joining the bandwagon of remote working and work-from-home, employees are given more freedom to schedule their work according to their own schedule. This is especially beneficial to work parents or individuals who have extra responsibilities away from work life. 

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Promotes employee wellbeing

Some people find working from their room is very efficient, but some don’t, so maintaining wellbeing is very necessary for employees. While work-from-home keeps a safe distance from people at the workplace, human interaction with people you used to meet every day is also still important and will reflect on your mental health. Therefore, by having these two options on your schedule, you will have the access to the community in person but also rock your to-do list from your home.

By merging these work-from-home and remote working into a hybrid arrangement, you can mix all the benefits and get the best of both worlds altogether. And who says you can only get productive by working within cubicles? Today, there are more alternatives than you and your company can try to boost productivity but still maintain the welfare of the employees on track, and that is by introducing flexible work plans. 

Working in a coworking space allows you to provide your team with flexible office solutions while maintaining the safety and health of your workforce. With the current pandemic, coworking space will be a brilliant platform for you to network and welcome you to more opportunities that can help your business to expand.


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