Event Space in Jakarta - Preferable and Affordable Space

Event Space in Jakarta – Preferable & Affordable

Event Space in Jakarta - Preferable & Affordable

Ever thought of creating an event in Jakarta? There are so many places in Jakarta where you could find an event space. Ever find it hard to create an event in a conducive yet exquisite place? Restaurant seems a little bit too cliché for most people to hold their events. Coworking space in Jakarta came up with the idea to provide an event space for those who need it.

People nowadays go to restaurants just to create an event like networking, gathering, and so on. The event venue in Jakarta provided by coworking space could give you more than what you get in a normal restaurant.

Are the Event Space Worth it?

To answer that question, we want to ask you one simple question? How many event venues in Jakarta do you think are great to have an event? Do you think it’s nice to have a networking event at a restaurant? It would be too noisy, wouldn’t it? It isn’t really a conducive place to network with other communities in Jakarta. The other problem is that it would disturb other people who want to eat at that restaurant.

What are the Event Spaces in Jakarta?

There are tons of events in Jakarta nearly every day, coworking space all around Jakarta have been racing to invite more people to their event venues. There are numerous Event spaces in Jakarta provided by them, but we are quite sure that these event venues would suit you very much. For this, we would like to differentiate the places into several angles on what to look at when you are creating an event there.

Amusing as an Amusement Park

JSCHive by CoHive is one of the creatively decorated event venues in Jakarta provided by CoHive coworking space as a result of a collaboration with Jakarta Smart City. The vibes suit millennials so much since it has a fun yet esthetic atmosphere. These kinds of atmosphere is what usually suits people who are looking to create a casual yet favorable venue.

Most coworking spaces in Indonesia know the importance of this vibes, they want their participants to feel cozy and homey at the same time. This is no different inJSCHive by CoHive.JSCHive by CoHive provides tons of bean bags to make you feel relaxed like you’re at your own house. Moreover, the event space inJSCHive by CoHive is one of the biggest event space you could find in Jakarta.

Rooftop with a View

Isn’t it just the most cliché thing in Jakarta to eat on top of a restaurant with the view of Jakarta’s city landscape? Well, in JSCHive by CoHive, you could get a view too, not just for eating, but gathering, networking, parties and so on. This is one of those places where you are surrounded by greenish vibes, the tall buildings, and the busy streets of Jakarta.

There are only a few places in Jakarta to create a venue on top of a rooftop, since the rest are mostly restaurants. Also, this is probably the perfect outdoor venue in Jakarta to create a lively event, not just because of the open space environment, but also for the considerably big area. Suffice to say, Jakarta Smart City and CoHive have solemnly thought all of these aspects to create a strategic place for someone to network and talk to each other.

What if it suddenly rained? We know, we simply know you guys might be asking this question. No problem at all, JSCHive by CoHive provided some kind of gazeboes or large tents for those who prefer to stay away from the sun.

Feeling a Little Bit Artistic?

For all of you artistic people looking for a funky venue with a simple vintage touch, CoHive D.Lab is probably the most suitable place to create your own event. The vintage walls in the lobby is probably the first thing that will greet you when you enter D. Lab. The lobby may be vintage, but the event space is oddly the opposite.

CoHive really pays close attention to details creating this place. The mural wall is the proof that they truly blend dark and vintage, yet bright and funky design. CoHive D.Lab is also the biggest event space provided by CoHive, fitting up to 100 people, maybe more. So if you’re looking to create a big networking event, this is probably the perfect place for you. Similar to JSCHive by CoHive, it also has bean bags to keep you accompanied, thus making it suitable to have a casual networking or gathering event.

Prefer The Classy Look?

Is the funky design too bright or too modern? Do you prefer the classy and vintage design? CoHive The Maja is the oldest coworking space by CoHive. The interior design is simply vintage, the classy unfinished walls, and the greenery plants outside.

This particular event space is just beside ‘Pos Indonesia’ at The Maja building. The moment when you walk up the stairs towards the venue gives that classy vibes as you are in an old building. The venue may not seem as big as CoHive D.Lab’s but it could fit more than 80 people. There are a lot of Jakarta community who often make events here, such as workshops, networking, and other classes. So if you prefer the vintage and oldies look, this is definitely for you!

Go Green Anyone?

What if you wanted to go to a greener place? What if you wanted to have an event where you are surrounded by trees, grass fields, and a lake? This is indeed possible if you create an event at The Breeze. I know what you’re thinking, it’s not in Jakarta right? Well for you guys who stay on the outskirts of Jakarta, especially Tangerang, this might suit you.

CoHive The Breeze could fit 80-100 people, which is impressively big, this is the perfect place for networking events. It has an exquisite green scenery too as it is just in front of the lake at The Breeze. This event venue is also preferable since there are many restaurants outside of the venue.

There you have it, those are all the listed event spaces you could find throughout Jakarta, there are tons of community in Jakarta looking to create an event. Above are possibly the best choice we could offer. What do you guys think about it? Some of you might wonder if event space is a little bit too fun, how about a more serious place like meeting rooms to do a meeting with your clients. Curious on where to find  the most affordable meeting rooms in Jakarta?

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