Developing Brand Awareness on Social Media

Developing Brand Awareness on social media is one of the most coveted marketing strategies for companies in Indonesia. Especially because according to Digital Around the World 2019, 150 million Indonesians are active users of social media with a duration of 3 hours 26 minutes every day. This means that more than half of Indonesia’s population chooses to consume information from social media every day. Therefore, using social media to market a brand is the choice of many companies. Apart from that, social media can build unique interactions between companies and consumers, it also varies in marketing impact compared to other marketing media.

In building brand awareness instagram, a thorough analysis of the target market and types of social media is ultimately important. For this reason, CoHive VOZA invites one of the content creators from Yogyakarta, Dian Rockmad, to become a speaker at CoTalks Online titled “Make Your Business Work on Instagram”. This event was hosted by Astrid Wulandika, Brand and Communication Jr. Lead CoHive.

Before focusing on developing brand awareness, it is important to know how to build brand awareness in the right way. In this case, Dian positions himself as a consumer to know what makes someone interested in a brand. According to him, what can attract visitors to our social media is inspiring content and contains positivity for the community. However, to be able to reach the target market, the content takes consistency and a thorough placement plan.

“Make sure personal data and information are on-brand with the content on social media so that visitors can easily find our profile. As for display on social media itself, there are variations of content, such as videos, single posts and carousels.”

The main goal of conducting brand awareness is to become top of mind in related fields and products. To achieve this goal, the brand must be able to stand out from its competitors. Dian added that one of the ways that can be taken for this is by reflecting on personal branding. As a photographer and digital creator, Dian feels the high value of visual appearance and identity in a brand. According to him, this is very important to convince your viewers of your stories.

“Promote the essence of the brand so that it can bring out the values ​​and characteristics that only your brand has. Your characteristics can become stronger by utilizing various other aspects, such as choosing a brand colour or tone in the appearance of your brand content. “

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Another thing that needs to be considered in building and developing brand awareness is having a good way of conveying information. In creating content, be it videos or photos, these two things must be carried clearly, concisely and towards the right target market. Also, Dian explained the importance of paying attention to audience personas in communicating with consumers, especially in analyzing the audience criteria to be reached, such as gender, domicile, age, and even daily routines. Therefore, brands must continue to check their insights and create engaging content that is right on target consistently.

On targeting the right market, a brand must be able to take advantage of the nature of its consumer behaviour, namely by paying attention to several things. One of them is reviewing the content before it goes live, whether the content is relevant to the target audience or if provides any solutions to their problem. Dian also advises not to hesitate to reward consumers who give positive reviews on social media.

Building and developing brand awareness is very important for a brand or company. By having good brand awareness, a company can have credibility and build a sense of loyalty among its customers. As a technology tool that is widely popular, social media is a good place to build and develop brand awareness in the wider community.

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