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Coworking Space or Private Office?

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Have you ever thought about comparing either coworking spaces or private offices before? The growth of regular private office has somewhat declined in recent years, whereas coworking spaces around the world have started to increase these past few years. Some of you might be wondering why this is happening, not just in your country, but all over the world.

Coworking Space or Private Office?

You might be wondering, what are the differences between them? Aren’t they all the same? How come more people prefer to choose coworking space? This is all due to the reason that most people are already tired of working in a normal office. Private offices tend to make you feel more stressful since they provide absolutely nothing to chill the stress down, whereas coworking places tend to provide all the stuff you possibly need to have an enjoyable yet refreshing mind for work. In this article, we will discuss all the different aspects of these two, and which one is more preferable.

The Vibes & Personality

To start it all, answer these questions, do you prefer to have a cozy environment for work? Are you bored of sitting in front of your computers the whole day without other things to do? If all the answers are yes, then why not work in a place where there are tons of entertainment, games, and other stress relief kinds of stuff?

To make this simple, we’ll ask another question, could you really find stuff like ping pong tables, massage recliners, bean bags, cozy warm white lighting, the funky wall of designs, free flow of coffees, mass networking, and lots of other things in a private office? You would only get these at coworking spaces. This is called the personality since everyone has their own characters, not just people, but coworking space and private office is also vastly different. You would get a swanky office in a corporate office, but you wouldn’t get a funky yet swanky office there, you could only find it at a coworking space. Coworking space design might be one of the most underrated factors of what makes a great coworking space. The design is very vital in creating the perfect vibe for people to stay longer there. The more creative the design, the more time the people would want to stay there.

You would hardly get leisure working in a corporate office since they tend to be stricter in dress code, moreover, the office tends to be more formal than regular coworking space, which makes coworking space more preferable. The other reason why people choose coworking space is that they like the environment more. The environment vibes between them are simply too different, the monotone vibes in private office are exactly the vibes people are trying to escape from, while the fun and warm vibes in coworking space are the vibes that most people are escaping to. Who doesn’t want to work in a cozy and exquisite place?

The FFF (Freedom & Flexibility Factor)

Answer these simple questions, do you have freedom working in an office? Do you have flexible working hours working in the office? Our guess is most of you would probably answer no, are we right? Have you ever felt working without fixed working hours?

Imagine working in a place where you can stop working anytime and continue it again later. You could stop at noon and head to the gym, and continue your work in the evening, no one’s going to get in your way. Flexibility like that could be gain by working in a coworking space, you wouldn’t get that in a normal office.

The freedom of working in a coworking space is a pleasure you rarely get when you work in a private office, this is mainly due to the reason that private office highly pushes the target to be achieved in a short time, whereas coworking space tend to let you have more time and freedom in finishing your work, therefore making it a flexible workspace.

Dive into the Network

Imagine working in a shared office space where there are full of likeminded individuals. Working with private office coworkers tend to make you feel unproductive since they basically are all working for the same project, everyone you meet in a private office normally works for the same company like you, unlike coworking space.

You’ll meet tons of different personalities when you work in a coworking space, mainly because everyone you meet there could possibly be working for something different than you. These are the most common people you’ll find in a coworking space:

  1. Freelancers: Normally, they work in a coworking space because they feel very productive there.
  2. Startup Founders & Entrepreneurs: You could find tons of entrepreneurs or startup founders at a coworking space since renting an office room in a coworking space is a much more affordable option rather than renting or buying a private office in a regular private office.
  3. Other Individuals: Sometimes you’ll even see people working for that coworking space itself, you’ll even see normal people holding a meeting there.

Basically, there are tons of different individuals who you’ll meet if you go to coworking space. You might even meet people who might want to collaborate with you. The vast connection you get in a coworking space is something you wouldn’t get in a private office. Coworking companies provide their shared workspace for this sole purpose, networking.

Tons of Facilities

Picture this in your mind, having full control of all the facilities such as free flow of coffees, who doesn’t love coffee? Almost all people all over the world loves coffee. Most coworking space provides free coffee refills for their tenants. Coworking space simply loves to spoil their tenants, providing various kinds of stuff to keep them accompanied, some provides cozy bean bags, pool table, ping pong table, massage recliners, photo studio, event spaces, even games like arcade machines and console games. People who visit coworking places have the pleasure to use all these facilities to relieve their stress from all the work. You could simply leave your work behind for some period of time sitting on the bean bags for several hours while enjoying those free coffees.

Numerous Amount of Events

Coworking space not only provides their office space, but they also provide event spaces. The culture of coworking space is vastly different than the regular office, you’ll likely find tons of events since they are the ones that would keep the environment lively. Think about this question, are you bored with your everyday lives in a home office? Are you tired of the monotone vibes provided by the regular office?

Private offices don’t provide these events since they are individual companies, unlike coworking space’s culture which tends to create numerous of events for the motive to educate people, especially entrepreneurs who just started creating their startup company. These events are usually the ones which invite more people coming to coworking space since people who go there have a chance to see what the place itself looks like.

There are dozens of events held in a coworking place like CoHive, varying from workshops, seminars, info session, and much more. This session usually involves professional people who are considered successful, such as startup founders, restaurant owners, influencers, social media experts, and so on. You could attend these events and gain vast knowledge, especially when you just started creating your own startup company. CoHive provides all these educative events, just for you!

So, there it is, now you know the difference between coworking space and corporate office. Above are only a few of several different factors to compare coworking space and private office. Are you the type of person to work at a private office or coworking space? Let us know!

That leaves one question behind, what is the future of coworking space?

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