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Coworking as The Future of Work

IDEACLOUD 2020, held at Voza Premium Office Surabaya on March 13-15, aimed to inspire young generation with ideas, share innovations, and allow opportunity to do business together. Similarly at CoHive, we are aspired to help startups and mSMEs to grow by providing workplace, the ecosystem and environment, as well as inclusive community collaboration.

Within the last 10 years, Surabaya showed symptoms of growth in the sectors of the creative economy that leads to economic independence. A survey conducted by Statistics Indonesia in 2016 showed that Surabaya had the largest number of creative economy businesses, 6.41 percent of the total business in the country, while based on the result of mapping in 99 cities, Surabaya was at the top list of cities with a growing creative economy. Led by young people aged 15-45 years, the creative sectors can generate optimism that the people of Surabaya, with all its potential to strengthen the knowledge-based sector and this creativity.

The local government has been showing its commitment to city’s digital creative industries, which aspired TANCORP to initiate the next-level innovation forum, IDEACLOUD 2020, held at Voza Premium Office Surabaya on March 13-15. Aimed to share new inspirations for participants and open opportunities for them to be able to develop connections and relationships, this event  presented more than 60 speakers from various backgrounds to inspire young generation with ideas, share innovations, and allow opportunity to do business together.

IDEACLOUD 2020 drives young people or the Next Generation to get inspiration and creative ideas that encourage innovation. Young people today are critically aware that innovation is not going to come from the products we make but rather from our intellectual ability to out-innovate and out-design the competition using the energy and unique ways of working of this new Millennial generation. The world will look different with the Millennials in charge and we won’t always understand their ability to adapt. Things change quickly and they easily let go of a process and take on another. 


CoHive Shares Trend on The Future of Work

As a start-up community builder, it was a pleasure to talk about the Future of Work in Indonesia and share how coworking industry contributes to its development. Based on official report published by the Ministry of SMEs, Indonesia’s MSMEs contributed to at least 60 percent in the national GDP. 

The digital economy has afforded Indonesia’s MSMEs unprecedented opportunities for inclusive growth within local, regional, and even global value chains. E-commerce, social media, the sharing economy, and cloud-based analytics/AI are all contributing to an MSME technological leapfrog. As Indonesia becoming the Silicon Valley of Southeast Asia where most digital startups rapidly emerged, MSMEs could benefit from this situation.

Thus the power of collaborative networks operating in digital ecosystems becomes essential, so that MSMEs can also benefit from open-sourced solutions, with key stakeholders, such as government, contributing to the successful dynamics of entrepreneurial ecosystems. Digital startups and mSMEs are the key players driving Indonesia forward together as their growth are considered symbiotic. 

Seeing the high needs of cohesive environment for collaboration between startups and MSMEs, coworking makes it possible. Coworking is changing the way people and startups work through flexibility, interconnectivity between locations/cities, business community and these are only a few of the things coworking offers to help businesses small and medium to grow and scale their business. 

It is an honor to see many young people interested to build their own coworking space. During the event, CoHive’s CEO and Co-Founder, Jason Lee had a very inspiring discussion with a group of fresh graduates who drove two hours to this event to learn how to build a coworking space from his experience as they plan to create one in Malang, the city where they reside. Their goal is to create an affordable hub to for Millenials to collaborate. 

We believe coworking is the future of work and that the workplace has seen a cultural shift that is only just getting started. At CoHive, we help startups and mSMEs grow by providing aesthetically affordable workplace as well as inclusive community collaboration.


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