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Conquering Ramadan Productivity Challenges

Fasting in Jakarta also comes with certain challenges, especially to active urban warriors who are used to getting things done while they roam around the big Durian.

Ramadan is a month full of blessings. One of which is through fasting that has so many benefits for the body and soul, it is hard to argue against the religious practice. However, fasting in Jakarta also comes with certain challenges, especially to active urban warriors who are used to getting things done while they roam around the big Durian. Here are some examples of those challenges and their workarounds.


Be it from caffeine withdrawals, shifted sleep schedules, or low blood sugar, you are bound to feel sleepy in the middle of the work day when you are fasting. One way to deal with drowsiness is to take an actual nap when you feel sleepy and sipping coffee is not an option.

Many studies have shown that a powernap that lasts between 10 to 30 minutes can effectively bounce your productivity level back. There are some guided meditations on YouTube or Spotify to help you achieve a restful powernap, all you need to find is a good spot to nap.


Normally we take small breaks in the middle of working by snacking or by getting up to fix ourselves a drink, but of course that’s not possible in the middle of a Ramadan fast. Boredom might be a sign that the brain needs to have a different kind of stimulation in order to focus properly on the task at hand.

It’s better to get up and do something fun for a period of time than to force yourself to look at a monitor without being able to produce anything meaningful. In some modern offices or coworking space there are recreational facilities such as a ping pong or pool table, some even have a video game console such as a Playstation.

Finding space to work outside of the office or house

Sometimes we are forced to find a place to get some work done outside of our regular locations, maybe to kill time between meetings or when the abnormally dense traffic forces you to find a place with good Wi-Fi connection in order to attend a video conference because it won’t be possible to get back to the office on time. In normal times you can easily go to a café, order coffee and camp out in front of your laptop, but that’s not a possibility when you are fasting.

Luckily there are many coworking spaces which will allow you access to a desk with internet connection to work from strategic locations around Jakarta. A good option for a coworking space is CoHive, which offers a 20% discount on Daily Passes during Ramadan 2019.

A Daily Pass at CoHive will give you access to a work desk with stable high speed internet connection as well as the many supporting facilities that come with their locations, namely an entertainment area to refresh your brain, a resting or napping corner to recharge, and free flow coffee to perk up your mind and body after iftar. Their operational hours will also allow you keep working even after sunset if you would rather get some tasks done while waiting for traffic to unwind.

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