CoLiving, the Affordable and Convenient Housing Solution You Are Looking For




Jul 1


Wouldn’t it be nice to end productive day by coming home to a shared space designed to spark collaboration and connections with like-minded neighbors? CoLiving by CoHive not only promises a better quality of life but also a solution to commute time and living cost challenges.

The daily grind of the young urban professionals such as long hours spent commuting, coupled with a constant feeling of disconnect from your neighbors, along with the additional burden of maintaining various service bills can cause serious urban fatigue build-up. Most people won’t be able to afford their dream houses and apartments early on they build their career paths and companies, but that does not mean you should spend your days commuting to a place that only drains you even further.

We go home after work and play to recharge our body and soul. Aside from resting our weary bodies we also need to surround ourselves with people and things that remind us why we do the things we do and to stoke the flames of our passion. People who wish to live closer to the heart of the action around Jakarta City in an environment that can truly enrich their lives should consider CoHive CoLiving at Tower Crest West Vista located in West Jakarta.

Designed with Convenience, Coziness, Coworking and Connections in mind, you can live in a full-serviced apartment, work next door at CoHive West Vista CoWorking spaces, and connect with your neighbors at our live-in events. You can surround yourself with people who share your values while still having the option to retreat in your own room whenever you need some personal space.

CoLiving is an affordable and attractive city living option with a starting rate of IDR 3.000.000 a month, which covers rent in a full-amenities apartment, water, electricity, internet, parking, events, as well as other services. The rental term is monthly base, giving its young professional residence a flexible way to enjoy a convenient and comfortable life at an accessible location. But affordable rates aside, CoLiving’s biggest draw is the opportunity to collaborate with even more people through its events.

If you are looking for a cozy and convenient place to call home after work where you are more likely to encounter interesting people with collaboration potentials, you should then give our show unit at CoHive 101 a visit and see how CoLiving at Tower Crest West Vista is a place you can really call home. For more information, check out