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Choosing The Right Coworking Space For Your Startup

The number of startups has been increasing these past few years, as well as the level of dependency of people and technology. This is the fact that leads some people to create more coworking spaces. Coworking spaces has purpose to facilitate those start-ups with convenient place to work and gather ideas. Therefore, coworking space has become a necessity to connecting communities.

After you choose to work in coworking space, you may have some questions. For example, do all coworking spaces have same characteristics and aims? The answer is no. Every coworking space has their own character and also different type of community to collaborate with. So before you choose a coworking space as a home for your startup, make sure you have considered these things :

What kind of start-up company do you have?

Is it IT based? Fashion? Food and beverages? Travel and hospitality? Property? Each of the coworking spaces mostly has their specialty field of startups which already cooperate with them. Gather information from your partners and research in which coworking space do they work. You could easily exchange knowledge with them because there are usually periodic events held in that coworking space for the clients.

How is the current reputation of the coworking space?

Seek information as much as possible about your targeted coworking space. A good coworking space usually has reputable startup clients and tenants who support them. Instagram, facebook, or their webpage are some examples for you to research. Attend events and discussions of your coworking space of choice.

Does the coworking space affect your work performance?

If the answer is yes, you need to do a survey of coworking space that you want to work in. How are the interior and ambiance, service, and facilities? Don’t forget that it has to be in a strategic location that is accessible for you and your coworkers.

Sure, there are still a lot of things to be considered in choosing a right coworking place to work in, but don’t let any of them be a hitch in building your startup. After all, coworking space is made to support you


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