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Cerita Jurnalis di Tengah Pandemi

Untuk memutus penyebaran COVID-19, pemerintah telah menghimbau masyarakat untuk tetap dirumah, bekerja dari rumah, dan mempraktikkan jarak sosial. Bagi pembawa berita dan jurnalis, bekerja dari rumah merupakan suatu kemewahan. Dalam seminar online CoLearn yang diadakan oleh CoHive, mendiskusikan tantangan yang dilalui para pembawa berita dan jurnalis dalam meliput berita selama pandemi.

“Jakarta Aman” App for Women’s Safety in Public Spaces

Jakarta’s public space should be safe for everyone, especially for women and vulnerable groups. According to a survey by the Coalition of Safe Public Space (KRPA), women 13 times more prone to sexual harassment. Therefore the Jakarta government launched an app called “Jakarta Aman” as a tool for protection.

JAKI, Jakarta’s Super-Apps to Solve Citizen Problems

A “smart city” is undoubtedly a concept that needs to be implemented in today’s fast-paced world. Jakarta, as the capital city, tries to answer the citizen’s need to solve problems as fast as they can, through an application called Jakarta Kini (JAKI). Ngobrol Jakarta, an event held by CoHive and Jakarta Smart City facilitates a fruitful discussion about the app.

How to Succeed in the F&B Industry

There are many types of businesses out there, and entrepreneurs are getting more creative with their business choices. One that seems to be the most popular is the food and beverage business. In Indonesia, food and beverage businesses are thriving. The Indonesian Ministry of Industry stated that the F&B sector in 2018 itself, contributed 6,34%

Easy apps to help improve Jakarta’s Waste Management

On this day and age, people have been very conscious of the current state of the planet. Many organizations and communities have encouraged people to help save the environment. From using public transport to help with air pollution to using reusable bags instead of plastic bags. According to many sources, Indonesia is one of the

 Facing Jakarta’s expanded odd-even traffic rule with smart mobility 

Smart Mobility for Facing Jakarta’s Expanded Odd-Even Traffic

Many Jakartans would probably agree how bad the traffic congestions have become in Jakarta. According to Forbes.com and cbsnews.com, Jakarta is one of the most congested cities in the world. Drivers spent one to six hours in their car every day; not only it is very tiring, but also inefficient for commuters to spend that