Build a Smarter Indonesia by Ex Vice President of Go-Jek

Build a Smarter Indonesia by Alamanda (Ex Vice President of Go-Jek)

Build a Smarter Indonesia by Alamanda

Let us ask you one question, imagine your startup becomes a unicorn someday and you have one of the highest positions in that company, would you leave? Who in the world would have thought to leave such a reputable company? Well, this doesn’t apply to Alamanda, who used to be the vice president of Go-Jek.

When asked whether what the reason on why she quit was, she simply said that she wanted a brand new journey and experience, and achieved new dreams. She said that she wanted to educate people regarding the startup world. Imagine having numerous of Go-Jek all over Indonesia if she succeeds. So why did she do it? Is that the only reason?

Education Background

The other reason is that she wanted to continue her dream to be a minister of education. “Education is in my blood, people are needed to create everything, and the most important thing to create people is education” Alamanda exclaimed. The reason why she created Go-Jek was not to create a product itself but to create people. She also stated that a strong country is a country filled with strong people. Thus, that became the core reason why she created Sekolah Binar.

Pursuing Dreams

These days, finding backend developers (who are capable of doing their job) is not a simple job at all. Startups are growing rapidly fast since last year, while the number of engineers is too limited, thus it isn’t balanced at all. Finally, Sekolah Binar was made.

Above has become another reason why Hackerspace was created, which is similar to a coworking space, the only difference is it’s a space containing backend developers to learn together. Amazingly, the course takes around 3 months and it’s totally free. Education should be free after all right?

Not only does she provide a space for backend developers to learn, but she also provides some kind of career hub serving as a media for the engineers to find a place to work. These all have the motives to create a further collaboration and networking between one or more backend developers. “In this era, there’s no need for competition, the most important thing is how we learn and grow together”.

Build a smarter Indonesia has become her distant goals where she said she wanted Indonesia to be digitally rich. “Currently, startups are the ones who are digitally rich, while corporation, government, and many other things are still used to the old-fashioned ways of doing things”. This is why she wanted to not only educate people and backend developers but also educate huge corporations and governments. So, there you go, what do you guys think about her vision and ambitions for build a smarter Indonesia?

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