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Best Marketing Plan for StartUp: Content Marketing

Content marketing gains popularity in the present days. Everyone creates content in very different and unique ways. While in traditional days we could meet stickers in the car or flyers spreaded in malls, these strategies just won’t keep your business stay in the radar for long. In time, we should all change the design of advertisement on the flyers and advertising boards.

As solution to this matter, SEO and social media marketing came into effect. And it is more productive as ever. ‘Why’ would be the best question to ask, as we try to answer the question on why content marketing is the best marketing plan for Startups.

  • It’s budget friendly

No doubt, content marketing will help you to stand in the market with very low fee, or even better, free. Through content marketing, everyone could be creative on what they want to put online, that includes business too! Without more fee to edit and add your content, you can market your business in a very efficient way.


  • It improves your SEO

Not only enjoyed by potential customers, your content should also be search engine friendly. This means your Indonesian flower shop startup should be easy enough to be discovered in search engines when people type ‘flower shop Indonesia’. The percentage of people knowing your goods and service business will raise through fine content quality. This percentage could raise by adding more relevant infographics attached to your content. It grows slowly, but constantly, you will see how the market grows with it.


  • It will always be applicable

In a day, youngsters might search for ‘how to make business for people under 30’. A year later, they might search ‘low budget ways to market your startup’. This shows that your content will stay relatable to the market. You might have to add some content as the trend goes, but as long as it is up on the internet, your content might be tale as old as time.


  • It labels your business

Through content marketing, you can develop your business even more. In content marketing, you can keep establishing your own business. For example, in this article I want to remind you that COCOWORK continuously thrive to offer you the best service for coworking space you will need in Indonesia. Although this is badly put in this article, but did you see what I just did there?


Jokes aside, you will also need to plan what content you want to publish for efficient marketing that will generate more sales as result. Start to analyze your traffic with analytics, and keep experiencing creative ways to keep your customers satisfied.





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