Android Solution to Activate Remote Working for Enterprise

Advancement of mobile devices and app development technologies has changed the scenario of working, including how to do remote working. With the blessing of ultra-modern technology and networking, the conventional ideas of executing remote working are rapidly progressing each time. Thus, the solution to expand your business is by introducing android to your enterprise. 

To see more about Android solutions regarding remote working for companies, CoHive invited Leo Ganda, CTO of Vostra International in a discussion entitled, “Android 101 for Enterprise”. This discussion was moderated by Indah Rahdiani, CoHive Senior Associate Event Management.

On this occasion, Leo revealed that one of the things offered by Android Enterprise is the ownership management option. This option allows the company to monitor the device remotely, including its security system (fully managed). Another innovation from Android is the Zero Touch technology–a solution from Google to seamlessly set up and deploy company-owned devices. With this technology, companies can control all activity on the device, hence it’s more controllable to prevent any data leakage. Besides that, this technology can also manage the company’s private applications. Zero-touch technology is also very friendly to use, therefore the users can easily use it anytime.

Another challenge in applying remote working for companies is managing workers who use their own devices. According to Leo, despite using a personal device, companies can still control the company’s assets to prevent any leakage. To do so, the company can activate the feature called work profile. With a work profile, the workers can securely and privately use the same device for work and personal purposes. The two profiles allow workers to separate all data in all applications in a professional manner so that there will be no data mismatch. The features offered by the work profile can make employees feel secure about their data because the IT team will not have access to open employee personal profiles.

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Leo explained that in implementing a remote working system, companies encountered various challenges, especially in their IT systems. When working outside of the office, there are a few important things to note when monitoring employees in company asset use or company data security. Leo emphasized that Android has an answer to this concern that is through Android Enterprise.

Android Enterprise is a Google-led framework that enables the use of Android devices and apps in the workplace. It is available for small and large scale businesses as it’s equipped with APIs (application programming interface)—a computing interface which defines interactions between multiple software intermediaries. Also, the implementation of Android Enterprise is very secure as it is managed by Google Play. By leveraging Android to the system, companies will be able to implement a better system for businesses and workers, especially when working remotely.

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