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Advantages of Coworking Space to save your Budget & Time

If you are starting a new startup with a team, the first thing you need is to rent a place like your office base. But unfortunately, most places don’t come fully furnished and require you to set up your own IT infrastructure. Furthermore, if you want a more convenient location, such as in central business areas, you will have to pay more.

A private, custom-designed office space would be ideal in most ways, but for a startup, money is best spent on growth.

Therefore, a Coworking Space is the solution that meets your needs and most importantly, saves you cost. Here are some benefits that you will get in coworking spaces rather than office spaces:

 1. Grow your company

Coworking private offices come in various shapes and sizes that meet individual business’ needs. Most can accommodate business as they grow, allowing them to pay for what they need at a given time – A bigger office, a branch office at another location and for some an office overseas. You also can maximize your cost by paying only per number of employees, and it will take out the burden of paying the space you don’t use.

2. Complimentary Amenities

When you work in a housing space or other office spaces, chances are you have to pay extra monthly expenses and additional ongoing cost. But in coworking spaces, everything is included in one price package; you don’t have to worry about electricity and water bills. Service fees and repair costs are handled by coworking spaces, such as who will be cleaning your office, and welcoming guests at the door. Therefore, you may avoid spending money on administrative overhead, and channeling money to your business instead.

3. Networking, network, network

In coworking spaces, it usually host many events, workshops and classes that will develop your knowledge and insights in the business and startup world. There will be attendees from a wide variety of sectors who want to learn as well. By attending these events, you can build your network and get the opportunities to connect with professionals and freelancers.

4. Strategic Locations

Coworking spaces allow you to situate your business in an area that is closer to your clients, partners, and team members. Most coworking spaces are located in the heart of the business district with 24/7 access to transportation, cafés, gym and even shopping boutiques.

5. Shorter Lease

Coworking Spaces will offer customised contract leases that allow your business to fix in a great rate for an extended period. Additionally, if you decided that Coworking isn’t the right fit for your business, you always have the time to cancel your agreement without worrying about the long term lease.

After reading the post above, you may start wondering whether to move in coworking space or not. But for you who are looking for space with low costs, coworking is a much affordable option. Before signing up, the majority of coworking spaces will offer you a tour around and make sure to pay attention if your startup qualifications match with space.

In CoHive, we provide you a coworking space in Jakarta with a cheap deal. Not to mention our strategic locations, chill environment, and large network opportunities. Don’t hesitate to visit our locations, and we will give you a tour around the space!

We will also have CoHive classes starting next month, so if you want to learn more about the startup world in an affordable price, CoHive is the perfect place for you.

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