Choosing Your Coworking Space for Your Future Work Office

A Checklist Before Choosing Your Coworking Space

A Checklist Before Choosing Your Coworking Space

Soon after you decided to build your startup, you will have to choose a working place to develop your business. If Coworking Space is your choice, examine these factors before you choose one. Between all coworking spaces in your list, here are the checklists:

Future x Flexibility

Think about the long term plans for your startup. Your startup needs could change along the way. A year from now, you might want to have a personal office for your company. Dealing with flexible coworking spaces could really help you in the future. In CoHive, you can choose the most comfortable plan and membership option according to your needs.



Before choosing a coworking space, make sure that you paid a visit. While it might look convenient on your mobile phone’s maps, you have to make sure whether or not the location is suitable for you. For startups residing in Jakarta, remember to check the traffic and how reachable the place is. How does it affect your business? Is it suitable for meetings with potential clients and partners? Ask for free tours around the space in EV Hive, you can book a tour (redirect) here.



Networking matters. Working environment is significant for your startup’s development. One of the benefits for working in startup is to be with like-minded people. This surely will enlighten not only your startup, but also yourself. In CoHive, we offer you weekly workshops and internal events for you to get to know new potential clients and partners. Community is an important value for us, and we want you to take a big part in our community!



Be careful what you wish for! Take comparison between what you wish and what you need, especially when you want to choosing your coworking space. If your startup often share ideas through meetings with vendors or clients, it would be best to have a meeting room with utilities that will support your needs. If you need high-speed wifi, or a working space that you can always run to wherever you are in town? CoHive offers Flexi Desk, a plan made especially for you where you can work at all CoHive’s spaces (JSCHive by CoHive , DLab, The Maja, and The Breeze). 

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