A Better Venue for Your Next BukBer Event




May 15


Ramadan is a time for people to meet and strengthen bonds, it’s no surprise that a popular tradition during the Ramadan among urban workers is to hold a Buka Bersama or communal Iftar event. A group of people, be it coworkers, old friends from school, or interest-based communities, get together to break their Ramadan fast together. The activity goes beyond sharing meals, it is a chance to build connections.

A popular venue choice is of course restaurants, but there are limitation and challenges in holding a communal iftar at places dedicated solely for eating. One challenge is the crowdedness and lack of privacy, especially at popular eateries.

It’s hard to have quality time with friends when you are sharing space with 10 other groups. It’s hard to engage with the whole group when all the attendees are forced to sit around a dining table, in front of the food they ordered, while waiting for the call of prayers at dusk.

Now imagine if the group had reserved a dedicated area for them to meet as a group, outside of a restaurant and with enough space for games, speeches, or even video viewing. The whole group can just focus on each other’s presence and togetherness. One option to do this is by renting an event space that can accommodate these needs and are available for rent in short flexible chunks of time.

CoHive, Indonesia’s biggest coworking space operator, has many event spaces suitable for groups to meet, do activities and share a meal together. The spaces are clean, comfortable and come complete with all the necessary supporting facilities such as sound systems and projectors. As an added bonus, their fun and attractive interior design will also heighten the group experience while offering plenty of photo opportunity spots.

Location is also an important consideration, with the notorious traffic around Jakarta in the hours before sunset, it is better to choose a venue based on their ease of access. CoHive spaces are located in strategic areas, namely, Cohive 101 at Mega Kuningan, D.lab in the Menteng area, JSC in Satrio, Plaza Kuningan, Filateli, and Jenius X CoHive are perfect as a meeting point for people from all around Jakarta.

Maybe this year when asked to hold a bukber for your friends, make a great impression by organizing a fun, activity-filled night at an attractive location, much more interesting than fighting for a group reservation at a restaurant.

It goes without saying that these venues will also be perfect for corporate Iftar events, such as an intimate company Iftar with where the employees can actually get to know each other personally, or a dinner with the media to let them get familiar with the founders and top management of the company.