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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Coworking Spaces

First of all, let us just tell you that everything in this world is full of surprises. Now that you know all the basic things about coworking spaces, there are some facts that are simply unbelievable. Everything has a surprise, even a coworking space has it too. In this article, we have gathered several pieces of research from different websites, but we sort out with 5 of the most uncommon facts about coworking spaces. Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about coworking spaces.

Healthy in a Coworking Space? Possible

Okay, let us ask you one simple question, do you know stress could lead to a disease? Stress brings tons of illness, like headaches, fever, and even anxiety. Well, you could simply go to a coworking space and work there. According to some sources, there are around 70% people working in a coworking space who have stated being healthy.

Why so? You may ask, well undisputedly, there are so many entertainments you could do to avoid the stress you get in a normal office. Most coworking spaces even provide a place to relax in their office to prevent unwanted mood in the office. Remember, negative moods would just cause more stress, more stress would cause a disease, and more disease means more unproductivity.

Underage? Not quite

Do You Know That Nearly 80% of the Coworkers are Below 40 Years Old? Let us give you one simple thing to do, visit any coworking space you want, then take a look at all those faces, we want you to judge their age by simply looking at them. We guarantee that almost all of the people working in a coworking space are below 40 years old. Why so? You may ask, well it is simply due to the number of people going to a coworking space are mostly young entrepreneurs, freelancers, and so on.

These young people or so-called millennials are the ones who strive to create a new working environment, where we don’t really need to wear those suit and ties to go to work. The culture of coworking space has been really flexible and admirable if you read the previous blog, this is the primary reason why millennials go to coworking spaces, and they’ve learned that working professionally could be done anywhere, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in a corporate way.

Remember When We Said Vast Network?

Remember the previous blog before this, the previous blog before that previous blog, and the rest of the previously written blogs? Well, basically every blog we have ever written to you guys regarding the vast network you could get in a coworking space. We really mean it.

According to one source on Medium, there are actually around 91% of people who simply gets a new connection just by interacting with them in a coworking space. To be honest, we were also shocked by this fact too. We knew it is big, but we didn’t know it was this huge. Just imagine, gaining new connection or even the potential to gain a partnership for your own business just by working in a coworking space. This leads us to the next fact. Some of you might even be wondering, just how many coworking spaces are there in the world? It seems like it is still new, isn’t it?

Coworking Space? New? We Don’t Think So

According to one article, there are approximately 14,000 coworking spaces worldwide in 2017, incredible huh? It is not a new business anymore, some say that coworking space is a new business going on. Actually, it is not, just look at that number, it is huge! You could say it’s small in 2011 where it was only a thousand coworking space.

There are over thousands of coworking spaces worldwide, we just haven’t discovered all of them yet. Now we wouldn’t call something which has a lot of branches a new thing, would you? This fact would also have a relation to the next fact.

More Freelancers and Solopreneurs in the Future?

How many freelancers and young entrepreneurs are there today? A lot right? How much would it be in the future? Definitely, more will come but by how much? Imagine 40% worldwide in the near future, imagine that amount of people, how many businesses would there be? Surely, the corporate office still dominates the market now, but in the near future?

More coworking space means more entrepreneurs coming in right? Well in 6 years duration between 2011 and 2017, the number of coworking space has increased 17x, that’s a huge difference, wouldn’t you say so?

So what do you guys think? Are some of you surprised by the facts above? Or are the facts too guessable? Let us know!

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