5 Easy Ways to Create a Productive Workspace

workspace productivity

According to Gensler, the key factor to learn about employee productivity and their ability to focus relies on their environment. Meaning, that a well-design workspace can either boost your productivity or get you more demotivated. Despite many other factors, your environment is the first factor affecting your mood and focus.

As working from home has become one of the best options available for workers, creating the perfect space for you to do all of your work is all you need. Since you can organize everything and decorate your workspace as you like, it’s time for you to buckle up and make your workspace productive!

So, here are the 5 easy ways to organize and make your workspace productive:



  • Declutter your workspace


Sitting within a messy desk and a dirty workspace will not let you get your work done. Like our mother used to say, “clean up your room!” In fact, it’s really important to clutter your space as it will help your mind stay organized and creative. Get yourself some organizers for your stationery, papers, books, and your gadgets, so they will not lay around messily while you’re doing your work.


  • Add your favourite scent to create an ambience


A scent can make a big difference in boosting your mood to become more productive. Try to add your favourite scent in your workspace and you will feel the difference right away. If you like to burn some candles, you can go ahead and add some candles to your desk, but if your place of work doesn’t allow candles, you can try essential oils. It’s more practical and less messy too.

If you’re looking for a productive booster scent, here are some of them!

  • Rosemary: increase alertness and improves memory
  • Vetiver: improves brain function and boosts concentration
  • Jasmine: re-energizes the body and lifts the mood
  • Lavender: recharges the brain and relaxing


  • Get yourself a plant


Having lots of plants around the workspace helps produce cleaner air, and it motivates people around it to be more energetic and creative. Scientific studies have proven the positives of more greenery for offices. From reducing stress to increasing productivity and creativity, plants have numerous benefits to increase well being.

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  • Map out your to-do lists


Mapping out your work for the day works wonders to help you get your to-do list done. So to make it more effective, you can begin the day by writing down your to-do list on a piece of paper and stack it on your wall, and if there’s another work added to your list, you can write it down on another piece of paper. This way, you will know which one needs your attention and has to be completed first!


  • Provide yourself with some refreshments


To keep your brain “working” throughout the day, you need some caffeine and sugars. You can’t work with your stomach empty or even dehydrated! So, you can prepare some refreshments by the side of your desk, just so you can grab them q distance and stay focused with a happy tummy!

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