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5 Benefits of Working in a Coworking Space

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In growing your startup, you obviously need a working space to develop it. This is where you should pick which working place suits you. Whether it’s a private office or a coworking space, here, we try to point out some benefits if you choose a coworking space. If you are still deciding, these are some benefits to consider:


1. Budget Friendly

If you just recently started your startup, it might be wiser to cut down your costs. While profit could be gained over time, to stay within your budget is important. This is where working in a coworking space could help you. Without paying more for building fees and reliable internet services, you can have shared office equipments (which you usually don’t use 24/7) and of course, your daily dose of free espresso.


2. Networking

Working in one place with people from different backgrounds and fields is one of the benefits of working in a coworking space. Not only you can exchange name cards, you can have lunch and afternoon coffee with (who knows) your future partner. Here in CoHive, we have regular get-together such as movie nights, dart competitions, and potlucks. Here, we share and discuss ideas with like-minded people.


3. Balances Your Life

In coworking space, you don’t have to worry about not having the time for yourself. With fun working environment, you will find yourself enjoying your time while finishing off your tasks and responsibilities. If you need to deal with stress, we have a game room for you to have a break. We also have free workshops especially for members!


4. Learn Together with Experts

If you are stuck with your ideas, or you just need someone to help you to work on your UI, coworking space gives you the opportunity to work alongside experts from different fields. Either from legal, IT, or marketing field, you can find them from working in a shared space. From coffee chats, who knows who you might collaborate together with?


5. Express!

I love to dress depending on how I feel in the morning. While some traditional offices requires you to dress properly, you might just want to wear your white t-shirt today, or wear your cool army jacket paired with linen pants? Fear not, in coworking space, you are free to be yourself.

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