4 Signs to Identify Toxic Workplace Environment

toxic workplace environment

Have you ever thought about that one person at work who just can’t seem to have any positive energy in them? Or does your job requires your full attention 24/7 that makes you feel drained just to think about it? Every job is stressful, but the core problem of it might not come from your tasks, but it could be coming from your toxic workplace environment.

A toxic workplace environment could lead someone to be easily burnout, stress, and could even leave some physical damages. It cannot be easily defined, especially if you find the job comes with great benefits. But is that all? A toxic workplace environment is not all about the place where you work, but also the ambience that it brings and also the people you work with.

If you find it difficult to identify your workplace environment, there are so some ways to identify red flags at your workplace and here are 5 ways to see if your workplace is toxic


High turnover

The first thing that you can observe is the turnover rate at your workplace. Do they constantly hire a lot of people? Or were there many employees who consecutively resigned from their jobs? If you notice a high turnover rate in your department or your office, then it may be a sign of a toxic workplace.

Employees are not supervised

To enliven the company’s goals, it takes the best talents to make it happen, however, in reality, not everyone is the brightest crayon in the box. Thus, usually, the driving force between employees becomes imbalanced, and that is why employees need to be supervised and reevaluated every month. Even so, it isn’t usually implemented in every company, which then leaves the problem of underperforming employees put under the rug and dusted. A good working environment will encourage its employees to be productive and participate, so when it doesn’t happen, then that’s another cue for you.

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Poor communication

If you often experience miscommunication between your team members or even within your department, or you feel like there is no positive feedback from your boss? If you relate to them then it means that there is something wrong with the communication process within the company. Poor communication within the workplace is identified as a red flag for its employees because communication is the foundation to your performance and your entire track record in the company. So, before someone takes credit for your accomplishments, you need to discuss this with the HR department or take your bag and leave.

Office drama everywhere

Everyone can’t always be on good terms with one another, but if there’s lots of fighting happening between coworkers, then something is not just right. If you find a clique talking about another employee in front of you, there will be higher chances they will do the same to anyone once they are out of their sights. It’s scary, and it could also make you feel anxious just to be around them. Employees are the backbone of the community within a company, so if it consists of people who like spreading rumours and creates misunderstanding between employees, then it’s another red flag you should be careful about.




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